Sam and Colby – Who Are The Members, Why Were They Arrested?

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Sam and Colby is the name of the vlogging collective created by Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock. The two are former classmates, co-conspirators, and the very best of friends. They compliment each other artistically, as well as in all their mischievous endeavors. Their career began on the now extinct video-sharing platform Vine, where they garnered a huge following by uploading short six-second clips of them doing something funny or audacious. By the time Vine folded up, Sam and Colby had accumulated over 1.6 million followers and 500 million views on their account. With this experience and numbers behind them, they took their exploits to YouTube where they went on posting their hilarious skits, challenges, and prank videos.

Their collaborations have earned them widespread fame across the internet and beyond. Although they have gotten their fair share of criticisms, Sam and Colby have come this far in their careers as YouTubers and content creators because of the love and admiration they have inspired in their followers and fans. Their channel has about 2 million subscribers, while their private Instagram accounts are flush with followers numbering hundreds of thousands. The pair have also been featured in several advertisement campaigns and commercials, coupled with paid partnerships with several brands that have helped spread their popularity even further. Their content is beloved for its unique offering and the pair do not plan on relenting on their efforts to expand their brand anytime soon.

Sam and Colby – Who Are The Members?

Sam Goldbach is one half of the Sam and Colby duo. He was born on November 27, 1996, in Leewood, Kansas, to Kirk and Cindy Goldbach. He has an older sister called Allison whom he is close to. The YouTube star was a student at Blue Valley High School, where she graduated from before relocating to L.A to pursue his career full-time instead of going to college.

Sam’s goofy nature and wonky sense of humor made him stand out and soon brought him a lot of attention in the digital space when he joined forces with his friend Colby in a quest to become famous on social media by putting his natural instinct for comedy to good use. His pranks and other antics helped him achieve the fame he was looking for and allowed him to explore other options in the creative industry as well. Sam’s second love is teaching and he runs a platform called The Life Project, where he and other instructors teach people how to create engaging videos and use them to foster more fulfilling life-skills and accomplishments.

Colby Brock is the other member of the popular comedic pair, Sam and Colby. He came into the world on January 2, 1997. He was raised by his parents in Kansas and attended Blue Valley High School, where he met his business partner Sam and they grew to become best friends. Colby and Sam joined Vine where they began sharing their funny videos to the platform.

Colby is also extremely witty and playful. Even though it seems like all they are doing in their videos is have fun at doing crazy things, a lot of work actually goes into the making of every single one of their vlogs, and the entire process – from planning to production and editing usually takes over a month. Colby has been able to collaborate with other known internet personalities to grow his own personal brand on the side.

Why Were They Arrested?

Sam and Colby have a reputation of visiting all kinds of places to shoot their videos, usually without permission from the owners of the location. They have taken their stunts to creepy abandoned hotels, disused hospitals, haunted houses and so forth, but their luck ran out on January 16, 2019, when they were both arrested for trespassing on school grounds that was undergoing construction. Their arrests sent their fanbase into a frenzy, with many of them taking to social media to clamor for the release of their beloved celebrities.

Sam and Colby were released on a bond the following day after going through the arduous process of posting bail. Sam shared the good news of their freedom with their fans on Twitter, thanking them for their support and apologizing for any worry they may have caused. However, the pair did not comment on whether they plan to stop their wandering ways to prevent them from getting locked up again.

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