Sandi Graham – Bio, Personal Details, Age And Ex-Husband Of Drake’s Mother

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There is almost nothing that rivals the feeling of joy and satisfaction a parent experiences when they see their kids grow up to achieve more success than they ever did in their prime. Many parents the world over can relate to this; one of such parents is Sandi Graham. However, the baby boomer mother stands above the average cut in this regard. With her son’s success, Sandi didn’t just gain joy and satisfaction; she gained her own share of fame as well.

Sandi is the mother of the famous Canadian rapper and musician, . Her fame is also boosted by the fact that her son spares no expense or opportunity to dote on his diminutive mother, who he says is his No.1 fan. The relationship between Sandi and her son is one to envy and emulate when it comes to mother-son relationships. Here is all we know about the celebrity mom.

Sandi Graham’s Bio, Personal Details, And Age

It is not clear exactly where Sandra “Sandi” Graham was born or where she spent her early years. However, we do know that she was born on January 28, 1960. Through her parents, she also has an Ashkenazi Jewish heritage although their identity remains unknown. Nothing is known about her early education, siblings or anything else about her life prior to starting her own family.

Sandi Graham was a dutiful and doting mother. She gave birth to her son, Aubrey Drake Graham. on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Due to the early break up of her marriage to Drake’s father, Sandi, had to raise Drake alone after winning custody of her son. Raising a child alone was not an easy task for the would-be celebrity mom.

Sandi Graham had to work multiple jobs to be able to cater for herself and her son. Some of the more important ones include working as an English teacher and doubling as a florist. Years later, Drake would admit that one of his only regrets was not finishing school, seeing as his mother took education very seriously.

Sandi raised her son according to Jewish customs, she even saw him celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. For his education, Graham enrolled Drake in Vaughan Road Academy where he stayed up to the sixth grade. She then transferred him to the more prestigious Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he faced a lot of racism due to his African Canadian heritage. Both schools were located in polarizing neighborhoods; Vaughan Road Academy was located in the working class west end area of Oakwood called Weston Road while Forest Hill is located in an affluent neighborhood in downtown Toronto.

Sandi Graham has always tried to give her son the best of everything. She made sure she supported him from his acting days on the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation to his now flourishing music career.

Today, Sandi has the pleasure of hearing her son serenade her on his social media and on a myriad of his songs like “You & The 6” and “Can’t Have Everything” which were inspired by her. Sandi is also a fashionista and is happy with her life and her relationship with her son. The pair are often seen together whether they are out on a stroll or going to catch a game.


Who Is The Ex-husband of Sandi Graham, Drake’s Mother?

Sandi did not give birth to Drake out of wedlock, she was lawfully married to her husband at the time, Dennis Graham. Dennis is a musician and a former drummer for . Dennis met Sandi Graham when she attended a club he was performing at in Toronto known as Club Bluenote. Dennis later approached her and they hit it off.

Dennis has dual citizenship of Canada and the United States but he resided in Toronto, Canada during the time he was married to Sandi. Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped with their union and the couple split five years after they had Drake. Dennis subsequently moved back to Memphis, Tennessee, while Sandi stayed to raise her son herself.

Dennis only spent a short time with his son when he brought him on vacations to Memphis as a kid. However, he was soon imprisoned on drug-related charges. That and financial difficulties kept him from reconnecting with Drake until his young adulthood. Although Sandi’s ex-husband maintains a relationship with her son, it is clear among the two of them who Drake’s favorite parent is – Sandi.

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