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Sarah Midori Perry is a British-Japanese born musician famous as a member of the band Kero Kero Bonito (KKB), an indie pop, electropop, and dance-rock band that has been in existence since 2011. Perry as a member of the band sings and raps in both the English language and in Japanese. She has been a member of the band right from its beginning and has been largely instrumental in all the successes the band has recorded since it came into existence. There is more to the musician, let us get started with her bio below.

Sarah Midori Perry’s Biography, Age

Also known as Sarah Bonito, Sarah Midori Perry was born in Japan on the 4th of March 1991 under the Pisces zodiac sign. She spent 13 years of her childhood life in Otaru, Japan before she relocated to the United Kingdom. Sarah revealed in an interview that there weren’t many kids around in her village while she was growing up, as a result of this, the few students in the school were always told that their local school would be closed soon but it managed to stay open till Sarah completed her studies there.

In the UK, she enrolled in the University of London and later earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the institution. This came in fulfillment of her childhood passion as she had an interest in arts right from childhood. On her Facebook (@sarahmidoriperryart) and Instagram (@sarahmidoriperry) accounts, Sarah Midori Perry’s art creations can be seen.

Sarah Midori Perry became a member of the (KKB) band as a result of the quest of Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled (foundational band members) to find a new band member who could speak Japanese as they had been fascinated and interested in J-Pop. The band advertised and interested applicants applied to join them. Sarah was one of those who applied once she saw the advert on MixB; an online bulletin board for Japanese expatriates.

Contrary to what many people assume, Sarah had no background in music prior to joining KKB, what she had going for her were her knowledge of the Japanese language, Gus and Jamie’s interest and belief in her abilities and of course her background in arts. With these, Sarah Bonito became a member of KKB.

They released singles titled “Weapons Grade” (2011), “Coursework Story,” “(Getting To) The Top,” “Ms. World,” “Laser Quest,” and “Fortune Teller” all in 2012. In 2013, they released “Wherever You Go,” “Why Aren’t You Dancing?” and “Homework.” Their first mixtape titled “Intro Bonito” was released in August 2014.

KKB had their first North American tour in October 2015 and around the same time in the following year, Sarah Midori Perry and her fellow band members released their first album titled “Bonito Generation” under Double Denim Records. In the following year, they released EPs titled “Bonito (Retakes)” and “TOTEP.” KKB released their second album titled “Time ‘n’ Place” in 2018. The album has in it, songs like “Only Acting,” “World Tour 2018,” “Make Believe” and “Time Today.”

In the Kero Kero Bonito band, Sarah Midori Perry is the vocalist, Gus Lobban does backing vocals, plays drums, production, and keyboard as well as sees to the sampler. Jamie Bulled on the other hand also plays the keyboard, song production, sampler as well as plays the electric guitar and bass guitar. When they are having a live performance, KKB sometimes goes beyond a 3 man affair to include Jennifer Walton (drums and sampler), and James Rowland (guitar player).

Family Facts: Parents, Boyfriend

Some of what remains unknown about Sarah Midori Perry are details of her family life in terms of who her parents are, what they do and where they are now. All that we know about her family background is that she spent about 13 years in her birth country of Japan before moving over to Europe.

Sarah is however known to be of mixed ethnicity – Japanese and British. This means that one of her parents is from the East Asian Island country while the other is from the Island country in northwestern Europe.

With regards to her relationship life, the facts we have are few and far in between. While a couple of online sources report her relationship status as single, some other reported that Sarah Midori Perry once dated a certain guy who trended online with the hashtag #nexgencrusher. However, a few other people countered the possibility of this by stating that her supposed boyfriend was gay judging by his pictures online. Seeing the facts before us, we can’t conclude on Sarah’s relationship status until she makes a disclosure by herself in that regard.

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