Sasha Morga – Bio, Age, Facts About The YouTube Fashion Vlogger

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Like she states in her description on her YouTube channel, Sasha Morga is addicted to the internet. This is evident in her social media endeavors, her plethora of YouTube videos, and her seven-figure subscriber count on the video streaming platform. The YouTuber tries to have a little it of everything on her channel: makeup videos, DIY videos, vlogs, life-hacks, challenge and prank videos, beauty and lifestyle content and much more. This is why she has such a diversified audience.

There is one common thread in her videos – Sasha always makes sure that she is having fun, regardless of whatever she is talking about. This pattern can be seen in her room tour videos and also in her hilarious videos where she tried to make viral slime at the request of her fans. The young YouTuber is having the time of her life and she only seems to be getting more creative with her videos.

Sasha Morga’s Bio, Age

The social media star was born on August 12, 2002. Her city and state of birth in the United States remain unknown. Sasha is a very outgoing individual and loves to connect with her fans across all of her social media platforms whenever she can. However, it appears that she has learned early on how to separate her work from her personal life.

As a result, she has never let slip vital details about who her family members are or what they do for a living. She has also kept mum on issues concerning most of her own growing experiences, and educational background. It is known, however, that she does have a brother, named Roman Morga. She has also brought him on a number of her videos on her channel. Her mother has also appeared on a few videos as well.

For as long as she can remember, Sasha Morga says that she has always been a video junkie. She eventually joined YouTube and created her channel on September 5, 2012, a few weeks after her 10th birthday. However, the channel remained empty until a year later when she posted her first video on September 3, 2013. The video is titled ‘My First Video!!!!!! High Braided Bun :)’. As of June 2019, the video has amassed over 530,000 views.

The YouTuber has created many videos in the lifehacks niche. Some of her most popular in this category include ‘School Life Hacks – How To Ace Your Finals’, ‘10 Weird Life Hacks Everyone Should Know’, and ’10 Summer Life Hacks’, all of which were recorded and uploaded in 2016.

Morga has also put up a lot of outfit and recipe-inspired videos over the years. Some of her most watched are ‘Summer Inspiration Outfits, Essentials &Treats’, ‘Valentine’s Day Inspiration-Décor, Outfits, and Hairstyle’, and ‘Winter Essentials 2015’. These videos detail tips on how to be best dressed for various seasons and celebrations of the year as well as healthy recipes, hairstyles, and holiday decoration themes.

Her Do-It-Yourself videos include uploads like ‘Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyles’, and ‘Holiday Home Room Décor’, where she shows creative ways to go about everything from handling Christmas decorations to seasonal hairstyling without help. She appeared with her brother Roman in the video and friend Meagan in videos such as ‘The Sibling Challenge’, ‘The Ultimate Sibling Challenge’, and ‘Blindfolded Makeup Challenge ft. Meagan’. She has also shown up on a video with her mom titled ‘Gummy Vs Real Food Challenge’ and another titled ‘Tasting Pumpkin Spice Food’.

Her makeup videos have garnered millions of views. This is because a number of them are not uploaded but are live streamed. She has recommended brands on these videos such as Real Technique, Urban 3 Naked, and Advanced Mineral. On other videos, the Youtuber has advertised some of her favorite brands. On some of her ‘Haul’ video uploads, she has shone the light on the likes of American Eagle Outfitter, Macy’s JC Pennys, TJ Max and a lot of others.


Facts About The YouTube Fashion Vlogger

  1. Sasha Morga also has a second YouTube channel titled SashaMorgaVlogs. As of June 2019, the channel has over 94,000 subscribers.
  2. Sasha also loves to dabble in music every now and then. She started playing the violin when she was just 9 years old.
  3. On her video ‘The Sibling Challenge’, the fashion vlogger revealed that her brother Roman was adopted from Russia by her parents. Roman was 2 years old at the time of the adoption.
  4. Some of her favorite meals include penne noodles with Alfredo sauce, pasta, and soft pretzels.
  5. Sasha Morga has stated that she would like to go on a vacation to Bora Bora someday.
  6. Her room tours videos are her most popular videos series on her main channel.
  7. Sasha has done sponsored collaborations with the likes of DreamWorks Animations, and Outfit 7.
  8. The YouTuber shoots most of her videos with the Canon 70D and 80D cameras.

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