Scott Arceneaux Jr. – Bio, Age, Mom, Facts About The Suicideboys Artist

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Scott Arceneaux Jr. is a rap artist and DJ who rose to fame after he formed the music group known as Sucideboys with his cousin, Ruby da Cherry in 2014. Since the inception of the group, the pair have released several EPs, as well as mixed tapes which have further established them in the music industry. It is also worthy to note that they have collaborated with several underground rappers like Bones and Black Smurf which earned them further recognition in that rap circle.

Currently, Suicideboys has a SoundCloud account which is estimated to have above 700,000 people following it and on his own part, Scot has an Instagram account with the name ‘Yungxrist’ that has thousands of followers. Read all about his bio and other facts in here.

Scott Arceneaux Jr. Bio (Age)

Scott Arceneaux Jr. has his birthdate recorded as 11th April 1989 and his birthplace is Marrero in Louisiana, the United States. His formative years were also spent in Louisiana, precisely at New Orleans and he is known to have attended Delgado Community College. At that time, he was already a skilled musician and even took on some DJ jobs at his school’s functions.

Prior to that, the artist was barely 8 years old when his flair for music, especially rap, started to develop and he began to idolize the likes of, Shawty Redd, and . His shift to DJing came about after his parents gave him a turntable set on his 14th birthday and later when Scott discovered auto-tune, he became an avid fan of the singer .

It was in 2014 that he collaborated with his cousin, Aristos Petrou who is known by his stage name, Ruby da Cherry, to start the Suicideboys group and they released the EP titled ‘Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga’. Shortly after, offers came in to collaborate with Bones who is a popular underground rapper and Scott Arceneaux, alongside his cousin, also worked with the underground rapper known as Black Smurf to release the mixtape titled ‘Gray/Grey’ on the 3rd of March, 2015. They also launched several other mixtapes, as well as singles that same year and worked with the artist Pouya, which turned out to boost their image.

By 2018, Sucideboys had attained stardom and with the launch of their first studio album titled ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans’, Scott and Ruby soared higher on the wings of fame. Moreso, Suicideboys have released over 30 EPs, as well as a handful of mixtapes over the years and they are still together. However, it is believed that the pair nearly called it quits due to Scott’s drug addiction problems. Ruby had to tell him outrightly that if he did not clean up, he will be forced to dissolve Sucideboys, and this was the turnaround point for Scott Arceneaux Jr.

Who Is Scott Arceneaux Jr.’s Mom?

The Sucideboys artist is the son of Scott Arceneaux Sr. and Toni Arceneaux who are also parents to Scott’s brothers, Gage and $lim Gucci. It is also known that his cousin is Ruby Da Cherry and he happens to be the son of Scott’s aunt – that is, his mother’s sister.

Other Facts About The Suicideboys Artist

1. Scott Arceneaux was a former drug addict who revealed that he robbed people in order to buy hard drugs, although it is believed that he stopped abusing drugs sometime in July 2017.

2. The rapper is popularly known by his stage name Scrim and not Scoot Arceneaux.

3. During his days in school, he was a talented baseball player and teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Miami Marlins showed interest in signing him.

4. Scott is notable for his dreadlocks, nose, and ear accessories, as well as his iron teeth and the countless number of tattoos on his body.

5. The Sucideboy artist, along with his cousin, has received backlash for the amount of profane language and satanic images used in their productions. However, Scott explained that they are merely expressions of the bad influence drugs, money and other things have on people.

6. Back in 2016, his group’s song titled ‘Antarctica’ became a controversial issue between the duo and DJ Deadmau5 who claimed that Scott and Ruby used his materials to market their song. After much arguments, Sucideboys had to take the song off SoundCloud and YouTube.

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