Selena Gomez Height, Weight, Bra Size, Body Measurements

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Selena Marie Gomez is a gorgeous and highly talented American singer and actress. The 23-year old songbird was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. She catapulted to popularity when she first featured in the children’s series Barney & Friends early in 2000. Gomez’s prominence was boosted in 2007 after she was cast in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. She appeared in the series to its completion in 2012.

Selena is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful American celebs. She draws her beauty from her physical attributes. It appears Selena is endowed with natural beauty but we cannot overrule the fact that she has done a lot to maintain her marvelous and sexy shape. She appears to have everything working for her because it is difficult to succeed in Hollywood without having the looks.

Selena Gomez’s Height and Weight

Adult height is determined by many factors with the most important being genetics. If you are born to a family with genes for tallness then you are highly likely to become tall and vice versa. Selena Gomez is currently 5ft 5in (165 cm) tall which by American standard is categorized as short. Given the fact that she has Italian and Mexican ancestry, it would be unfair to judge her based on the standard of Native Americans or other Americans with different ethnicity. That height notwithstanding, the damsel blends well in the American society because many other celebs are only that tall.

Weight on the other hand is determined most importantly by environmental factors. Genetics play only a slight role. Currently, Conchita (Selena’s other nickname) weighs a paltry 130 pounds (59 Kg). It appears the actress is doing very well. Since she started appearing on the screen, Gomez has always looked great and sexy because she has managed to keep her weight within the healthy range. Her body mass index, which is the best measure of one’s physical fitness, indicates that she is extremely fit and healthy.

Selena Gomez Body Measurements

Beauty is wholesome, it’s not just about the height and weight. Overall build, body shape, and figure are important determinants of a woman’s beauty. Selena boasts of a banana body shape and a slim build. These combine to give her an irresistible figure. Her figure measurements are 36-28-35 Inches or 91.5-71-89 cm.

Due to the fact that Selena is 23 years old, there is chance she still has two or so years to grow. Maybe the measurements will change a little with time. The other important measurement is the bra size. The size of breasts plays a very important role in determining how beautiful a woman really is. Her bra size is 34B. Selena’s bra size like her other body measurements is likely to change with time, most likely when the babies start coming, that if she does plan to have some in future.

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