Shawn Cee Biography – 6 Interesting Facts About The YouTube Star

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Shawn Cee is one of the most versatile music reviewers on YouTube. He is equally smart, unbiased, and knowledgeable about most songs; from hip-hop to jazz and other genres of music. One of the reasons Cee has a huge following on his YouTube channel is because he reviews music beyond the average critic even though some people do not totally agree with all his opinions.

This American talent is not just an ordinary music reviewer, he is entertaining and also has a unique sense of humor, which he utilizes while pushing across his views to his fans.

Shawn Cee’s Biography

Shawn Cee was born on the 25th of October 1995. His parents gave birth to him in the United States of America but the exact state where he was born has not been revealed by the YouTuber. Cee has generally not been generous with useful information about his origin, family background, parents and other family members, childhood, and education. While his fans are waiting for him to reveal more about himself, it is assumed that he has African roots, his parents are still living together in the U.S, and that he has siblings who are not popular as he is.

The YouTuber is assumed to have completed his elementary and high school educational levels with good grades. He has not commented about his post-high school academic journey; thus, it’s not known if he attended college or plans to further his education sometime in the future.

6 Interesting Facts About The YouTube Star

1. Shawn Cee is Opinionated

Shawn Cee may not be everyone’s favorite but he is respected for his knowledge about music and ability to back up his opinions with good facts. He is a genius when it comes to analysis and he does so assertively and with passion and accuracy.

When it comes to expressing himself or his ideas on his page, the YouTube star doesn’t hold back. He does so with an open mind and in a coherent manner. This is basically the reason a lot of people keep coming back to his page and reach out to him in times of difficulty and confusion.

2. He Loves Challenges

Cee loves hanging around people who can help him grow his craft and push his career to the next level. Although he has not mentioned it, Shawn appears to be the kind of person that surrounds himself with people of like-minds and those that keep him on his toes. He really dislikes negativity; he believes in excellence, hard work, greatness, and success.

3. The YouTube Star Is Relatively New On YouTube

It’s interesting to know that Shawn Cee’s online career is young but fast-growing. The YouTuber reportedly launched his career in mid-2016 and a look at his resume right now shows he has achieved much in his little time on YouTube.

4. He Doesn’t Shy Away From Reviewing High-Profile Works

With much ahead to accomplish, Shawn Cee has already started getting himself ready to assess and explore more songs by famous stars. Ever since he launched his career, this talent has analyzed several albums by notable musicians in the industry.

Interestingly, he has also taken a look at projects done by celebrated rappers such as Skepta (his 4th album titled: Konnichiwa), , and multi-millionaire Canadian star, .

5. Cee Respects And Loves His Fans As Much As He Loves His Career

Apart from his family, Cee’s fans are his major inspiration. They love him so much for his brilliance, great reviews, and candid opinions and the YouTube star in return respects them a lot.

Shawn reaches out to them in a special way from time to time. He doesn’t fail to thank them for their support and courage each time he gets to a significant stage in his career. These and more are the reasons his fan base keeps getting stronger by the day.

6. Shawn Cee Is A Household Name On YouTube

You don’t get to meet music reviewers online every time. Cee earned his popularity on the video-sharing website as a result of his area of interest (music review) on YouTube and not because he has millions of subscribers. Currently, his channel has raked in decent views and more than 500, 000 subscribers. On Instagram, he is followed by hundreds of people.

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