Siena Mirabella Bio – 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About The YouTuber

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There are many places to visit on YouTube but when it comes to beauty and fashion, Siena Mirabella’s channel, BeautybySiena is definitely the best deal. Since launching out in 2011, the beauty enthusiast has won the hearts of women, mostly teen girls who not only love her videos but her persona as well. Mirabella has grown her subscription to 1.1 million and counting. On her channel, Siena features everything from beauty to fashion, home decor, and back-to-school advice. Get acquainted with her bio and other five must-know facts about her below.

Biography of Siena Mirabella

Siena Mirabella was born on the 22nd day of February 1998 in Southern California where she was also raised. She shares a birthday with U.S’ first president, George Washington, though centuries apart. Born under the zodiac Pisces, she exhibits every character trait associated with the sun sign. She is not only magical and sensual but also creative and spiritual.

Although she was raised in California, Siena Mirabella has moved not less than a dozen times to different cities as well as states. The details and purposes of those migrations still remain vague, but the fact that her parents separated when she was eight must have played a part. Also, the origin of her contents’ uniqueness and richness is not far fetched.

Siena is utterly creative and loves to read, draw, and write. She took art classes as well as a creative writing class. In 2015, Siena shared some back-to-school advice via an interview with other students like herself who were returning for another school year. At that time, she was 17 and had already reached the one million subscriber milestone on YouTube. Mirabella joined the video sharing community on May 30, 2011, when she created a beauty and lifestyle channel named BeautybySiena.

The beauty guru shares everything from beauty to fashion and home decor through her beauty tutorials, video blogs, and fashion videos. She also launched a short-lived online store known as Siena’s Closet in 2013.

5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About The YouTuber

Siena Mirabella Had a Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Following her entrance into the YouTube community, Siena Mirabella started amassing not just subscribers but viewership as well. This was mostly because beyond being a talented content creator, she is funny and smart as well.

One of the first videos she posted was Back To School: First Day Checklist which has garnered more than 455k views. Her second video titled What’s In My Backpack has received over 1.7m views. With these back to back successes, Mirabella diversified her contents to include generalized topics. She now talks everything from healthy habits, hair, life hacks, makeup routines, morning and night routines, books, gift guides, school advice, personal videos among other topics of interest. All of this helped spur her rise to fame and firmly placed her channel on the heart of women of all age groups, especially teen girls who follow her wholeheartedly.

Siena Mirabella enjoys a large following not only on YouTube but across other social media platforms. She has more than 1.1 million subscribers while her videos have been viewed over 85 million times. On Twitter, she leads a following of not less than 446k while over 247k others root for her on Instagram. She has a lot of admirers on Facebook as well.

She Has Scoliosis

Siena was diagnosed with scoliosis and goes to physical therapy for her spine, hoping to go in for a corrective surgery someday.

She is Multiracial

Siena Mirabella’s father who is unknown was born in Brazil. After he split from his wife, Siena’s mother, he moved back to Brazil where Siena has visited him a couple of times. Her mother’s family, on the other hand, live in Sicily and she has gone to visit several times too.

Besides the above noted, she shared her childhood with her older brother, Michael and is a Buddhist. She has a pet dog named Atticus.

Mirabella’s Relationship Status

The fashionista has not publicly dated anyone. She may be in a relationship but has chosen to stay calm and tight-lipped about it. It could also be that she is building her career and does not have time for commitment just yet.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Siena Mirabella is concerned about her health and general well being, as well as that of her followers. As such, she not only follows a healthy lifestyle but ensures she shares her routines and regimens with her fans. She is into sports and enjoys gymnastics, dance, soccer, and tennis. She also does yoga every morning. Moreover, she uses online fitness apps which track her day to day fitness and diet. On her diet, Mirabella is vegan and focuses on eating healthy and clean foods.

She stands at a height of 5 feet 1.5 inches tall and weighs a healthy 48kg. Her other body measurements are unknown.

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