Spawn Reboot: 5 Facts About Todd McFarlane’s New Movie

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Although Marvel and DC have pretty much monopolized the comic book and film industry, there are still some independent comic houses that have done amazingly well over the years and given us characters that we have come to treasure. Spawn is one of those beloved characters. Created in 1992 by Todd McFarlane for his own brand, Image Comics, Spawn is one of the greatest superhero characters in comic book history. Unlike other superheroes like Captain America or Superman that are purely good, Spawn blurs the lines between evil and good.

The first adaptation of Spawn occurred in 1993 when HBO created an animated series, while the live picture adaptation came in 1997. The latter turned out to be a failure of sorts. However, fans of the comic book series would be delighted to know that Todd McFarlane himself is out to right the wrongs with a reboot of Spawn. Here are five facts about the upcoming movie.

5 Facts About Spawn Reboot

1. The movie is being delayed by differences in opinions

According to McFarlane himself, the script for the new movie is written and ready to go, and he has already found several investors eager to put their money into making the movie. However, the problem is that all the investors are yet to agree on the changes they want to be made to the script. Apparently, everyone has their own idea about how they want the Spawn reboot to turn out, and money can’t be released until they can all reach a compromise. Even McFarlane is insisting that there is a certain vision he wants to bring to life with the movie, and if the investors change too much of it, he would rather abandon the project than make something he wouldn’t be proud of. Since the back and forth process is taking more time than expected, the long-awaited Spawn reboot will take longer to land on the big screen.

2. Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner are set to star in it

Todd McFarlane’s new movie already has some serious talent lined up to feature in it. Academy Award winner will be taking the lead as the titular character, Spawn/Al Simmons, and from Avengers will be playing Twitch Williams, one of the cops charged with finding Spawn. Foxx personally asked for a chance to play the role of Spawn, and now it has been greenlighted, we can expect him to put in one of the very best performances of his life. Two amazing costume designers have already been signed to work on the Spawn costume: Greg Nicotero, who was behind , and Clay Fontenot, who helped create the Iron Man Suit.

3. Spawn reboot will not be an origin story

Although no concrete details have been released about the new Spawn movie, it has been revealed that it will differ from the original in a few key aspects. First of all, the movie is not going to bother showing us how Al Simmons came to be the demonic antihero known as Spawn while in hell before he gets sent back to earth. Rather, by the time we meet his character, he would have already been that way for a while. In addition, although the movie will revolve around him, the story will actually be told through the eyes of two human cops. However, it is unclear what threat, villain, or demonic craziness these characters and Spawn will have to contend with.

4. The release date for the movie is still unknown

According to initial estimates, the Spawn reboot was expected to go into production sometime in June 2019, but that date has been pushed back. Hence, there are no official release dates for the new Spawn movie as of now. Nevertheless, it is expected that a release date will be announced as soon as the movie begins filming.

The hardest part seems to be getting the movie off the ground, so we can expect some good news the moment that happens.

5. It will be produced by Blumhouse Productions

Perhaps, part of the delay with Todd McFarlane’s new movie is that he doesn’t want it to be a blockbuster superhero movie. He just wants a low-budget thriller that is gritty, grim, dark and leaves plenty of room for him to flex his creative muscles. He has already found the right production company to go with his vision. Blumhouse is known for making low-budget, but quality thrillers and horror movies like Split and franchise. With them behind the Spawn reboot, we might actually get the dark and wonderful comic book movie we’ve been waiting our whole lives for.

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