Stan Lee – Biography, Wife, Daughter, Wiki, Height, Is He Dead?

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Stan Lee was a comic writer, actor, publisher and former chairman of Marvel Comics. He brought about a revolution in the world of comics by introducing superhero sensations. Lee has written many popular comics that have captivated the minds of many readers, adults and teenagers alike. His most popular creations are Spiderman, Superman, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Captain America, Thor, and the X-men.

Biography And Early Career Beginnings

The super sensational comic writer was born in Manhattan, New York City the United States as Stanley Martin Lieber on December 22, 1922. His parents, Jack Lieber and Cecilia Solomon, were Romanian-Jewish immigrants. He has a younger brother, Larry Lieber who was born in October 1931. Lee grew up in the days of depression and life was hard at the time in Manhattan so his parents moved to Washington. He attended Dewitt Clinton High School, Bronx and graduated at the young age of sixteen in 1939. As a teen, Stan Lee loved writing and had the hopes of becoming a great novelist. Following his ambition, he worked part-time writing obituaries and press releases for the National Tuberculosis Centre. He later got a job, with the help of his uncle, Robbie Solomon in the comic division of Martin Goodman’s company as an assistant. He did his job of majorly filling inks, buying lunch, and editing.

He wrote his first comic, the Destroyer in 1941 and subsequently co-created Jack Frost and Father Time still in 1941. Years later in the industry, Stan continued to show steady commitment to the business and later replaced Jack Kirly as the creative writer. Lee remained a creative writer for a really long time. During the World War II, he was drafted into the United States Army where he worked as a signal corps and was later moved to the film section where he created comedy comics and cartoon for entertainment purposes.


Professional Comics

Lee gradually grew dissatisfied at how comics were written. According to him, stories followed the same pattern of war, romance and science which he found boring and wanted to quit but decided to write one last comic he would be proud of. So in 1961, he and Jack Kirby created The Fantastic Four. The comic gained popularity and Lee became very proud of his work and decided not to quit but to continue writing superheroic comics. Due to his previous success, he proceeded to create and release other mind-blowing comics such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, The Avengers and the X-men with Jack Kirby, Doctor Strange and Spiderman with Steve Ditko and Daredevil with Bill Everett. In 1972, he became the publisher of Goodman Company which changed its name to Atlas Comics and is presently known as Marvel Comics.

In 2016, Lee was accused of sexually harassing the nurses sent to take of him in his home and constantly demanding oral sex. This led to the withdrawal of nurses. Lee denied the accusation, saying they were false and that it was intended to ruin his reputation and blackmail him. Although the case was not official, the nursing company has stopped working for Lee. His recent nursing agency has said the comic writer cooperates with his nurses in a decent and respectful manner. In 2017, Disney Hall of Fame crowned Stan Lee as a Disney Legend due to his major contributions to the entertainment industry. His net worth is estimated at over $50 million.

Wife, Daughter, Married Life

Joan Clayton Boocock was the one and only wife of Stan Lee and they were married 70 years before she died on July 17, 2017, at the age of 95. Joan was a British hat model who was born in Britain on February 5, 1922. She moved to the US when she got married to Stanford Weiss, an American Naval official. The marriage relationship had gone sour and she was looking for a way out of the union when she met Lee. They met at her modelling agency, and even though Lee was there to look for another person, (a blind date), he and Joan began dating and two weeks later he proposed. Joan officially divorced her husband and married Lee an hour later. It was the same official who presided over her divorce that conducted her new marriage on December 5, 1947.

Lee has made reference to his wife being a major source of inspiration in his career even when he became discouraged about comic works and wanted to quit after the World War II, it was Joan who encouraged him to write a comic he would be proud of before deciding whether to quit or not. Lee listened and created a comic that inspired him to stay. They had two daughters but lost the second one just three days after she was born in 1953.

Their surviving daughter, Joan Celia Lee, popularly known as JC Lee was born in 1950 and evolved to become a model and actress just like her mother. She is unmarried but it is suspected she has a son who looks like a mixture of Latino and Caucasian.


Stan Lee’s Height

One would think a comic writer who enjoys creating superheroic characters would look like one of his creations but he doesn’t. He has an average height – 5 feet 8 inches.

Is He Dead?

His death was announced many times by unauthentic sources while the iconic writer was still alive until Monday morning, November 12, 2018, when he was confirmed dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 95 at the time of his death. Though he is dead, the legacy which the comic legend left behind will stay for many generations to come.

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