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What five-year-old carries a gun around except the child version of beautiful reality TV star and firearms specialist Stephanie Hayden Ford. Before you think it was a toy gun, the slender, sweet beautiful trans lady with no muscles got introduced to real guns at the age of five by her father who is a gunsmith and her love for guns hasn’t diminished a bit since then.

Between 2011 and 2014, Hayden and her father became one of the major cast of Sons of Guns – a Discovery Channel TV gun show which left viewers baffled and thrilled until it ended on the ground of a sexual assault scandal. Stephanie Hayden heaved a sigh of relief when the show ended but not without regrets. Below is all you need to know about her.

Who is Stephanie Hayden?

Stephen Marie Hayden, popularly known as Stephanie Hayden was born to Will and Rachael Hayden in Louisiana as a boy sometime in the 1980s or thereabout as it’s not certain when she was born. She is an American by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity. There is no information about Stephanie’s education, although she seems to be well learned.

Her dad is a gunsmith and owns the company Red Jacket Firearms LLC, a company that specializes in producing customized guns for security, government, individuals and private bodies. Reports have it that the company was not fully integrated until Stephanie grew up. In fact, other reports say that they started the company together.

Growing up, Stephanie got fascinated with guns as a result of her dad’s influence. So, she started handling guns and shooting at age five and when she left school, she didn’t need to think of going in search of a job since she already had something she loved at her doorstep. She joined her dad’s company, the Red Jacket Firearms LLC based in Louisiana, which was fully integrated at this time.

So, when Hayden rose to the position of an office manager in the company, nobody got surprised because she was very good at what she does. She would hit the spotlight with the reality show Sons of Guns which aired on Discovery Channel from 2011 to sometime in 2014. The show was actually her father’s brainchild as it was based on what they do at Red Jacket Firearms.

Sons of Guns focused on what safety environment looked like at Red jacket firearms LLC as a result of their very delicate work, as well as modifications on firearms. At the end of the day, the duration was increased with an additional thirty minutes because of its awesomeness.

The show which ran for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes was really big for the father-daughter duo even though it later got cancelled as a result of scandals arising from a case of molestation and rape charged against Mr Will Hayden.

Details of Her Net Worth

Stephanie made a substantial amount for herself from the Discovery Channel TV show Sons of Guns before the show unfortunately stopped. Before the show, she had been working in her father’s company, where she makes some good money too. Currently, her net worth is estimated at half a million dollars ($500,000).

Family Life of The Transgender

There isn’t much known about her mother and she appears to be an only child as nothing is mentioned or known about her having siblings. However, she has been very close to her father from childhood and had all his support when she decided to transition from male to female.

When her father was accused of rape in 2014 which led to the shutting down of the TV show, Stephanie tried to defend him but later confessed on Show that he also molested her at the age of twelve. Her dad was later charged with aggravated and forcible rape, as well as juvenile molestation and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Stephanie is currently called Stephanie Hayden Ford because she is married to a man named Kris Ford. Stephanie was formerly married to William Scott, unfortunately, their marriage couldn’t stand the test of time. She, however, had something to hold on to from that marriage, a son.

Her current husband Kris Ford is a firearms expert and production manager at Red Jacket Firearms LLC. Kris Ford was also a cast member of Sons of Guns. The couple has two sons together whom they’re raising just fine, along with her son from her previous relationship.

Hayden and Kris ran into trouble in 2014 when they were charged for assault on Stephanie’s son from her previous relationship. It was reported that Kris had consistently used his belt on the child, leaving a heavy bruise while she just stood and watched without even making an attempt to stop the whole drama. They were lucky the case never went to trial. The family crawled back into their shell after that incident.

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Other Interesting Facts

1. Asides being a gunsmith, Stephanie loves rock climbing, photography and horse riding and she enjoys her hobbies with her family.

2. Her favourite gun is the RJF-built suppressed AK-47.

3. In October 2018, she had a word fight on Twitter with and would later press charges against him at the West Yorkshire Police for refusing to address her as “she” and insisting on referring to her by the name she bore as a male – an act she referred to as “deadnaming” to the trans community. Linehan was then slapped with a warning to stay away from and avoid further contact with Hayden.

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