Stephanie Rose Bongiovi – Bio, Family, Facts About Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter

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Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is not someone that true fans of Bon Jovi will not know. She is the daughter of the rock legend and Hall of Famer, and his wife of over three decades, . With a famous father, she has always remained somehow in the media, although the first time she attracted any attention was when she was only 7 years old. At the time, she took to the stage and danced to “I’ve Got the Girl” with her father, a song he wrote for her.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s Biography

On May 31, 1993, American singer and philanthropist John Francis Bongiovi Jr. and his wife Dorothea Hurley had their first child together, a daughter named Stephanie Rose Bongiovi. She was brought up alongside three siblings in a family that is closely knit.

Even though she was raised by famous parents, she has always been shielded together with her brothers from the public and media. She shared a good relationship with her father, although he revealed that he didn’t know how to bring up a daughter because he didn’t have the luxury of having a sister himself.

Her Family

More than its fame, the family from which Stephanie came is one that is closely knit. Her paternal grandmother is Carol Sharkey who used to be a Playboy model. Her grandfather, John Francis Bongiovi, Sr. originally came to the United States from his home country of Italy. He once worked as a barber.

Her parents have been married since 1989. The two met at Sayreville War Memorial High School where they were students in New Jersey. When they met at the time, the singer fell in love with her, but she was going out with his best friend, Bobby. Hence, they did not start dating until a few years later when Bobby ended the relationship and began another with American actress Diane Lane. Having remained together for many years that followed, Bon Jovi slipped away with the love of his life when he was on a tour with his band in Los Angeles. He took Dorothea to Las Vegas where they got married.

While her highly creative father is a singer, producer, and actor who is known for forming Bon Jovi, Stephanie’s mother is a restaurant owner and karate instructor. She was a  junior karate champion before leaving to support her husband and then returning to later become a 4th-degree black belt holder.

After her birth in 1993, her parents would go on to later have three other kids, all boys- Jesse Bongiovi who was born in 1995, Romeo Jon Bongiovi who was born in 2004, and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi who was born in 2002.

Facts About Stephanie Rose Bongiovi

1. Stephanie Rose Bongiovi did not grow as a troubled child, but she was once in the news for the wrong reason. In 2012 when she was a freshman at the Hamilton College, she got involved in a drug overdose case which saw her spending some time in the hospital.

According to reports, she overdosed on heroin and after a search was made by the police, more drugs were found in her room while another student was also arrested for possession of marijuana. Stephanie was also charged for minor offenses in relation to the event.

2. Jon Bon Jovi revealed that the call he received following the incident of his daughter’s drug overdose was one of the scariest moment of his life. Fortunately, since then, she has sobered up and stayed away from drugs.

3. It was for her that Bon Jovi wrote: “I Got the Girl”. In the 2010 album of the band titled “Crush”, one song that many will not forget is their sensational single, “It’s My Life”. Beyond the song, there is also “I Got the Girl,” which Jon Bon Jovi wrote for Stephanie. They danced to the song together when she was 7.

4. For now, none of her siblings is towing the path of her father. Of course, Stephanie is not a singer like her father, neither are any of her siblings. Her brother, Jesse Bongiovi has found his interest in sports. Jesse played football when he was in Poly Prep in Brooklyn and then at the University of Notre Dame. While in college, he studied political science and business economics. Apart from that, he is also a businessman who is the founder of Hampton Water.

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