Suzanne Rawlings – Bio, Facts About Richard Rawlings’ Ex-wife

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True, having a successful career in the entertainment industry or in fields like sports and politics are among the most prominent ways to attain celebrity status. If there is no way for you to become famous through those means, all hope isn’t lost. You can still get popular as an online gamer, YouTuber, or an Instagram model. None of these accounts for the fame and public attention accorded to Suzanne Rawlings. She is also not popular because of things like her wealth, lifestyle or for any controversial reason. The woman’s claim to fame is totally as a result of her relationship with the American entrepreneur and media personality, .

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Rawlings is admired for his Gas Monkey empire. For those who can tell a thing or two about him, it is not a secret that he is the owner of the Gas Monkey Live music destinations in Dallas, Texas, the Gas Monkey Garage, and the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill also in the City of Dallas. On the other hand, his social status as a media personality stems from Fast N’ Loud, a Discovery Channel’s TV show which reloves around the man and his crew at Gas Monkey Garage. The show which has been running since June 2012 has thus far, spewed 133 episodes, spanning through 14 seasons.

Based on the above, it is hardly a surprise that Suzanne Rawlings became a public figure. Since she was thrust into the limelight, a lot of questions have been asked about her and answers to those questions aren’t always readily available; that ends here! More than just a concise description of her life, below are the facts you should know about Suzanne Rawlings, the ex-wife of the Fast N’ Loud star.

Suzanne Rawlings Bio

For a long time, Richard Rawlings fame has towered over the identity of Suzanne, casting a shadow over the things that people have always wanted to know about the woman. While nothing is known about the family she hails from, her early life, details regarding the school she attended, and even her age, has remained a mystery.

Even though it has circulated that she is heading for her mid-40s, no one can precisely tell how old she is, just as where she was born is best known to her. Nonetheless, we have been able to authenticate that she marks her birthday on the 8th of every February.

Like her education, age, family background, parents, and siblings, nothing is known to the public about Suzanne Rawlings prior to her marriage to Richard, except for that fact that she was called Suzanne Marie Mergele.

Relationship with Richard Rawlings

It was in 1999 that Suzanne Rawlings first got married to Richard; the wedding happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple enjoyed their union until Richard and Aaron Kaufman decided to embark on the Gas Monkey Garage project. This required the man to travel almost always and it ruined what he had with Suzanne. They parted ways in 2009 over unresolved conflicts. Richard would later admit that the woman couldn’t put up with him always being away for work sake, hinting that he may have cheated on her.

Everyone was expecting the two to move on with their lives, with many waiting to see the next woman to take Richard’s heart, but 2015 saw the two getting married again. One would have thought that they will get it right this time, but sometime in March 2019, it emerged that the two are set to abandon their marriage again. From what we learned, Richard filed for the divorce. Whatever the reason for the dissolution of their second marriage is, it is best known to them.

Facts About Richard Rawlings’ Ex-wife

1. Suzanne Rawlings isn’t the only woman who Richard has been married to. Before they became man and wife for the first time, he was married to Karen K Grames. The union crashed as soon as it took off (1993-1994).

2. While it is believed that her ex-husband is worth as much as $20 million, some sources have estimated that the total value of Suzanne’s riches is $1 million. We haven’t been able to authenticate this claim.

3. Confirming their decision to abandon their second marriage on Facebook, Richard asserted that he and Suzanne will always be friends.

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