Tehmeena Afzal – Bio, Facts and Everything About The Pakistani Model

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From sports to modeling and several other career ventures, especially in the entertainment circle, Tehmeena Afzal has continued to break boundaries as a woman with Pakistani roots. The raunchy model has raised more than a few eyebrows and dropped numerous jaws with some of the activities she has been involved in since her entertainment career kicked off and before then, she was an athlete, something that’s only reserved for men in her home country.

What exactly is Tehmeena Afzal known for and how does her family react to the negative vibes that have plagued her lifestyle? Find the answers herein.

Tehmeena Afzal – Bio

The fact that Tehmeena Afzal was not born or raised in Pakistan might have something to do with how she has chosen to throw caution to the wind in order to do what makes her happy. She was born in New York on March 27, 1982.

She was born to Pakistani immigrants who settled in the neighborhood of Queens. The name of the school where she had her early education is not known but she was just 8 when she started playing softball, notably, only the men and boys are allowed to participate in sports in the Pakistani culture but since she’s very far from home, Afzal made the most of the opportunity to display her skills in sports. The local media buzzed with her performance in the game and by the time she finished high school, she was named the best player in the city. Tehmeena Afzal also achieved the same feat in the state and generally bagged the title of female athlete of the year. Her educational pursuit continued in college where she studied with a scholarship following her sports exploits. She graduated from the New York Technology Institute with a Bachelor’s degree.

Entertainment Career

Apparently, softball wasn’t the only thing Tehmeena Afzal was interested in. Shortly after concluding her college education, she started making music, producing mixtapes and modeling. To take her urban music to the world, the Pakistani beauty set up a music website which helped build her popularity. She also appeared on video clips as a model, in addition to being photographed in the nude for sex photo reproductions in magazines.

There’s no doubt that these activities earned her widespread popularity but it also aroused negative comments from those who frowned at her career path, especially the Pakistani communities. Tehmeena Afzal is the only known woman of Paskinai heritage to take such bold steps to live her life the way she deems fit and she doesn’t seem to care what people have to say about it. Her parents may not always agree with the decisions she makes but they seem to be supportive of whatever choice she makes in her life.

Family Life

No elaborate information exists about the family members of the Pakistani stunner asides the fact that her parents are Immigrants who settled in New York, the United States. Afzal has succeeded in keeping the media at bay when it comes to her personal life.

As such, the identity of the man in her life has remained a mystery but it’s public knowledge that she is a mother two sons named Jaiden Blake and Aiden Blaise.

Facts About The Pakistani Model

1. Before fame came knocking, Tehmeena Afzal hustled to make ends meet as a car saleswoman and equally worked as a real estate agent.

2. A beauty to behold, the American glamour model has a height of 1.60m and weighs a perfect 53kg. Her bra size is between 34E or 34DD, a size she reached after going under the knife for a breast augmentation. Her general body measurements are obtained as 34-24-36 inches being her bust, waist, and hips respectively.

3. A look at her music and modeling accomplishments might reveal Tehmeena Afzal as the only Pakistani woman with the guts to break such boundaries.

4. Afzal spreads her music through her own portal dubbed Tehmeena.

5. Her presence is felt across all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where she has garnered fame and fortune. The racy pictures she often shares with her fans take most of the credit for the success and recognition she enjoys today.

6. Tehmeena Afzal resides in the village of Westbury, on Long Island with her family.

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