Tessa Virtue – 5 Interesting Facts About The Canadian Ice Dancer

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Tessa Virtue is a name that goes hand-in-hand with, so much so that it is almost difficult to separate one from the other. Together, the two have made their nation Canada proud as the most decorated ice dance team and Olympic figure skaters of all time. Having been partners for over 20 years, they are the longest lasting ice dance team in their nation’s history.

Tessa Virtue, alongside Scott Moir, is an eight-time Canadian National champion, a three-time World champion, and three-time Four Continents champion. She has won 5 Olympic medals including two silver medals from the 2014 Winter Olympics and 3 gold medals from the 2010 Winter Olympics and two from the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here are five interesting facts about Tessa Virtue that you should know.

5 Interesting Facts About Tessa Virtue

1. Tessa Virtue was a very athletic child

Tessa Virtue began proving quite at an early age that though she was the last of four children born to her parents, Kate and Jim Virtue, she wasn’t going to be the least of them all. In fact, she turned out to be the greatest. Right from a very young age, Virtue took part in a number of sporting activities including gymnastics and track.

As a gymnast, Virtue began learning ballet and was so good that the National Ballet School offered her the opportunity to attend the school when she was 9 years old. However, Virtue passed on the offer to focus on becoming a professional figure skater and we are all glad that she did.

2. Early start with Scott Moir

Living in the same neighborhood as Scott Moir, Tessa was friends with him when she was really little and the two have now revealed that they were sort of dating at the time. Noticing how adorable they looked together, Moir’s aunt Carol Moir, a figure skating coach paired them together and began coaching them. As the story goes, they could barely look at each other while they danced. This happened in 1997, a time when Virtue was 7 years old and Moir was 9 years old. They would later come to train with coaches Paul MacIntosh and Suzanne Killing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Their first ever medal together was the bronze medal at the 2002 Canadian Championships.


3. Tessa Virtue’s journey to stardom

Looking at the level of confidence that Virtue exudes when she steps on the ice, one can only wonder just how many hours of practice her perfection costs. The answer is 6 hours per day. Virtue trains on the ice for 4 hours and spends the other 2 hours getting fit in the gym. When it comes to dieting, Virtue is not an extremist. In addition to her main focus which is protein and vegetables, she adds some other key nutrients from time to time. She sometimes indulges in Lemon meringue pie and chocolates to satisfy her guilty pleasure.

4. What you didn’t know about her relationship with Scott Moir

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir ooze incredible chemistry on and off the ice so much so that many believe that the two are in a romantic relationship despite the constant denial on their part. Fans have described them as soulmates whose souls are already married to each other. Their passion is second to none in the world of ice skating and fans couldn’t be blamed for being so obsessed with them. Virtue has described her relationship with Noir as simply platonic and that they are nothing more than business partners, but when they perform, their body language screams the exact opposite. Some have speculated that the two are in love and dating but only hiding it from the media so as not to jinx their partnership.

5. She holds a degree in psychology

Tessa Virtue is a beauty with brains. Long hours of practice invested in her athletic career has not stopped her from pursuing her education. In 2007, she began studying psychology part-time at the University of Windsor. Following years of expressing her love for academics through the media, Virtue kept to her word and returned to school in 2014 to complete her degree. This time, she chose The University of Western Ontario. Some of her long-term academic goals include studying in France and attending a law school.

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