The Real Reason Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor’s Marriage Failed

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In Hollywood where broken celebrity marriages are the order of the day, there a few celebrities who have managed to keep things going for them for a long while; and happen to fall under this category. The iconic couple was together for 17 years in what many thought would be happily ever after. However, when the news of their separation hit the tabloids in May 2017, and it left their many fans shattered.

While many regard their union as one of the longest-standing Hollywood marriages, their separation shows that nothing indeed lasts forever. For what it’s worth, Ben and Christine thoughtfully kept any relationship troubles they had away from the prying eyes of the media, but obviously, there were issues. In the wake of the forgoing, their divorce has sparked curiosity among their fans who are eager to find out the reason behind it and why their marriage failed.

Here we have gathered all the interesting facts about Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s marriage and the reasons we think it failed. Read more in the following paragraphs.

Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor’s Marriage

Ben Stiller is a multi-talented American actor, writer, comedian, producer, and director, best known for the geeky and funny roles he plays in movies and TV shows. Born to successful Hollywood stars, Jerry Stiller and his wife, Anne Meara, Ben began his acting career since 1975 and has been active in the American entertainment industry for over four decades and counting. He has played prominent roles in movies and TV shows, some of which include Zoolander, DogdeBall, Meet the Parents trilogy, and Night at the Museum trilogy, among many others.

He first met his wife Christine Taylor while on the set of Heat Vision and Jack, a Fox Network TV pilot in 1999. Christine is also a brilliant actress who garnered fame through her appearance in movies such as The Brandy Bunch Movie, The Wedding Singer, Zoolander, and many others.

After seeing their on-screen connection, the couple decided to ignite a relationship which led to marriage, eight months later. In May 2000, they exchanged marital vows and their wedding took place at an oceanfront ceremony held in Kauai, Hawaii. In the course of their marriage, the iconic couple welcomed two children, a daughter named Ella Stiller and a son named Quinlin. The couple’s relationship blossomed for about 17 years before the news of their separation made headlines in 2017. By May 2018, their divorce process was finalized and they were granted equal custody of their children.

Reasons Why Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor’s Marriage Failed

Ben Stiller’s Hectic Schedule Contributed to their Divorce

Being a celebrity could be very hectic as it requires a lot of time spent working, which can sometimes keep you away from your family for a long time. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s marriage is not different when it comes to that. The couple had lots of conflicting priorities such that, when Christine was focusing on being a mom, Ben was busy focusing on his Hollywood career. Despite that, the couple committed to being a happy family and did anything to make their kids happy. When the separation was announced, many attributed Ben’s tight schedule to be among the things that fuelled their divorce.

He Has a Reputation For Being Difficult

The actor has equally disclosed this, even in his own words that he is a very difficult person to be around, which is apparently a sentiment that extends to the movie sets as well. Although he is regarded as a diva with many talents, so many people including fellow Hollywood stars who have worked with the comic actor have equally confirmed he is a very difficult person to work with.

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They Have Experienced a Rough Couple of Years

While their marriage soared, the couple has equally experienced different turns and twists in their relationship. In 2014, Ben Stiller was diagnosed with prostate cancer which he and his family kept a secret for two years. The news of his ailment hit the media in 2016 and while he struggled with the sickness, his mother, Anne Meara, kicked the bucket in May 2015. Being one person that Ben looks up, Anne’s demise affected him so much amid his struggle with cancer. This, too, is said to have had a serious negative effect on his marriage.

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