The Real Reason Guy Ritchie and Madonna Divorced After Nearly 8 Years

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In 1999, and , both at the summit of their careers, met for the first time and fell in love. Even though the pop star was 10 years older than Guy, they got married a year later. Doubters didn’t believe the two would go far, considering the history of Madonna with relationships, but who could ever predict the ways of love?

By 2008 and two children in between, the two were caught in a very bitter divorce which according to Ritchie who described the end of the marriage as death, left him almost depressed; not like it was any easier for Madonna. From the start of the marriage, something was not alright and somehow, it was just as doubters believed, headed for the rocks as soon as it began, even though it was not what was speculated entirely that led to the end of the marriage.

More than a decade later, the marriage still remains Madonna’s most popular relationship, even though she has been linked to close to a dozen men since then. Let’s take a look at why the marriage ended after close to 8 years.

Real Reason Guy Ritchie and Madonna Divorced

1. Guy Ritchie was not there for her after she fell from a horse

One of the first things that started the cracks in their marriage happened in 2005 when the pop star fell from a horse while celebrating her 47th birthday and was left with broken bones that included five ribs, as well as her clavicle and scapula. In the months leading to her recovery, the singer could not find her husband as Guy was neither there for her physically or emotionally. It became obvious to her, according to sources close to her, that he was not one she could count on.

On his part, Guy was said to have seen her as being needy, something that was not entirely pleasing to him, after all, it was Madonna who could almost do the impossible.

2. The adoption of their second child

By the time they adopted their second child, David, their marriage was already fragile. On his part, Guy did not support the adoption as he felt that instead of adding another member to the family, they should concentrate on working on their marriage that was already suffering. However, Madonna wanted the child and because she’s Madonna, she got it.

3. They wanted different things from life

One of the main reasons why the marriage between Guy Ritchie and Madonna ended was that what they wanted from life are completely different. Madonna was one of the most famous women in the world and she loved being a celebrity. She loved the spotlight and being famous and has many occasions that she always needs to attend.

On his part, Guy Ritchie wanted a very simple life away from the glamour. However, he was required by his wife to always accompany her to some of the events she needed to attend, but that was not something he enjoyed doing. This did not help their marriage in any way.

4. Affection died off

At a point in their marriage, almost every form of affection was thrown out the window. It was reported that they endured an 18-month sexless run because Madonna was spending half of her days working out and that always left her too tired for sex. More so, Ritchie who was then 40, said his wife who was 50 was looking like a granny.

There was another point in their union that it was reported that the two did not expect anything ideal from their marriage because they both believed that neither could be the perfect spouse so they accepted each other like that. While this was a recipe for disaster, the claim was that there was more affection in their marriage at that point. However, as anyone would expect, it brewed anger on both ends, something that strained their marriage even more.


5. Then came Alex Rodriguez

Even before their marriage was in its seventh year, Guy Ritchie and Madonna had already grown apart with the list of their problems as a couple only getting longer. It later emerged that she was dating former baseball star, Alex Rodriguez who was believed to be the main reason why the marriage ended. However, the queen of pop revealed that even though he contributed, by the time he was in the picture, they had already grown far apart.

It was after Rodriguez stepped into the picture that it was reported that they had split and were heading for a divorce.

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