The Real Reason Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s Marriage Lasted Only 21 Months

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and Ryan Sweeting united in marriage in 2013 and it seemed like one that was destined to last. It was by all definition, a fairy tale union and so, what everyone expected was a happily ever after. However, that did not happen as only 21 months later, the two ended their marriage bitterly, leaving Cuoco with the resolution that she would never get married again because the word “marriage” was already ruined for her.

In Hollywood, there were many marriages that lasted for much shorter times, including ‘s marriage to Kris Humphries that only lasted 72 days. But then, the end of Cuoco’s marriage to Sweeting still came as a surprise because it did not start like something that would end in 21 months, even if it was going to end.

Although on the surface everything seemed alright between the tennis player and The Big Bang Theory star, judging by their public display of affection, a 2.5-carat diamond engagement ring valued at $65,000, and a wedding ceremony that turned heads, so much was wrong between Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting. Here are the real reasons why the marriage ended in divorce.

Why Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s Marriage Lasted Only 21 Months

1. They moved on a very fast lane

The main problem with the relationship between these two estrange lovers was that they rushed everything. Cuoco had revealed that she is the type of person who makes quick decisions without really waiting to see. She brought that into practice in her relationship with Sweeting.

After their very first date, the Big Bang Theory actress made a big decision of moving in with Ryan because according to her, she knew right away that he was the one. Three months later, in September 2013, Ryan was already on one knee with a diamond ring and she accepted his marriage proposal. Pressing more on the accelerator button in their relationship, the two got married in December, six months after they first met.

2. Sweeting’s alleged addiction to painkillers

At the time they met and got married, Ryan Sweeting was said to be sober, although long before then, he had issues with drugs. However, after undergoing a back surgery in 2014, the tennis star found himself addicted to painkillers, worsened by his consumption of alcohol.

According to reports, Cuoco gave him the needed support but he was unable to make any effort or commitment to get sober and this pushed the relationship on the slide downwards because the actress felt she could not fix him.

3. They were from two separate worlds

Maybe if they hadn’t rushed in, they might have noticed before tying the knot that they were too different from each other. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting did not last together.

While Cuoco was always super busy and wanted things to keep moving because of her high energy, Ryan was at best described as a party pooper who preferred to always remain at home. More to that, it was revealed that the actress felt that while she was making an effort to accommodate him and the kind of person he was, he was not making enough effort.

4. The alleged double life of Cuoco

As revealed by some sources, Kaley Cuoco was possibly living a double life when she was married to Ryan. It was said that she would go out for late-night parties with friends, sometimes without her wedding ring and would get wasted. As alleged, there were times when he would have to come and get her after some crazy nights.

Also, there were rumors that she was still attached to her ex-boyfriend whom she was also working with on Big Bang Theory. There were also claims that she was sending flirty texts messages to Galecki. Kaley Cuoco was also said to be treating her husband disrespectfully in the house, sometimes like a houseboy, which led to continuous fights between them.

5. Something wasn’t just right

During Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s marriage, the actress revealed in 2015 that she had felt something deep down was not just right. Maybe she was right.

In 2014, Kaley tattooed their wedding date on her back while Ryan also had the same on his forearm, as well as the name of the actress. But even that was not enough to make the actress believe that everything was right between them and something better was coming for her.

In 2018, she got married to Karl Cook and the two have remained together.

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