The Real Reason Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Divorced in 2015

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and ‘s marriage produced what would become the most admired (some would disagree) and successful blended family in the entertainment industry. Each of the Kardashians and Jenners has been successful in their own right but it looks like the major source of their success – their reality TV show would come to put a strain on the entire family more so, the union between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

On KUWTH we’ve been treated to the constant feuds in the family which most times are brief as they seem to usually find a way to resolve their issues and stay as one big happy family, but it’s a reality TV show and ironically, half of what the cameras show us is far from reality. In late 2013 we were greeted with the news of Kris’ separation from Bruce (now Caitlyn) and two years later, in March 2015 their divorce had been filed and finalized after they reached an amicable decision to split equally their $60 million fortune. Though the split initially appeared to be amicable, time revealed the contrary. We take you on a trip of Kris’ romance with Caitlyn Jenner and how and why it all came crashing down.

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Divorce: The Real Reason

Sources on the family’s KUWTK began to suspect signs of a possible split between the two in 2013 but for a long time the pair each denied that there was anything wrong with their relationship and that everything was fine.

As time went on, the media speculations proved true and it came to light that Kris and Caitlyn Jenner had begun living separately but kept it away from the media. They finally admitted to their separation in October 2013 claiming that the separation was an amicable one and that they would forever remain best of friends.

The pair both played out their “amicable” separation very well with Kris taking to her Instagram page to gush sweet words on their 23rd marriage anniversary in April 2014 calling Bruce “the most amazing man” she knows and describing their years together as the best part of her life.

Later that same month (April 2014), Kris and Caitlyn Jenner were photographed at the LAX airport holding hands and smiling big upon their return from a family vacation in Thailand. The photo no doubt sparked rumors of a possible reconciliation marriage-wise, but none of that happened.

In September of 2014, Kris Jenner officially filed for divorce from Bruce, her reason being “irreconcilable differences,” but the details of these differences were not known until much later.

Details of the reason behind Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s divorce began to unfold after Caitlyn’s June 2015 interview with Vanity Fair Magazine where she had not so much of kind words to say about Kris compared to her previous interviews. After her transition, many had speculated that Caitlyn’s gender problems were the major reason why they divorced but Caitlyn cleared things up saying that the gender problem represented only 20% of the problem while unfair treatment from Kris made up the remaining 80%.

Caitlyn detailed that their marriage became strained the moment the KUWTK show became a hit. She said that she felt like a stranger in her own house as Kris took the lead, became hugely controlling and most times decided on what he would say during his time on the show. She (Caitlyn) revealed that she felt that he had lost his voice even on issues concerning their kids – Kendall and . As a result of the constant spotlight on their family, they grew further apart.

Kris’ responded to Caitlyn’s claims by saying that it was the most “passive-aggressive” experience that she had ever had. She (Kris) said that Caitlyn felt miserable because he wasn’t who he wanted to be and not because of how he was being treated.

In the months that followed, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner would have constant back-and-forth (played out on episodes of I Am Cait and KUWTK) on whether or not Kris was aware of the gravity of Caitlyn’s gender issues from when they were married.

In all, the pair seemed to always find a way to solve their differences to be available for their children. However, the final straw for Kris was when Caitlyn released her tell-all memoir in April 2017, Kris was angered over how Caitlyn portrayed her as a “b#tch and a**hole.” Their back-and-forth seems to be never-ending and the media is there for all the drama.

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