The Real Reason Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Divorced

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and were once the most admired couple of country music. While their relationship lasted, fans were treated to warm red carpet moments, PDAs and even duets by the couple. However, falling in love with a colleague especially in a place like the music industry is incredibly challenging and while Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton had their moments, their busy schedule soon took a toll on their marriage and the fact that they constantly shared their private lives with the media didn’t help either. The pair decided to call it quits in 2015, bringing to an end a 4-year marriage and a 10-year relationship. Below, we explain what really went wrong with Lambert and Shelton’s romance.

How Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Met

A romantic connection through music is one of the most intense connections two people can have and that’s the story in Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s case. At the time they met in 2005, Shelton was a married man and Lambert was reportedly dating fellow country singer, Jeff Allen McManus. However, when the duo began working together in preparation for their performance at the 2005 CMT 100 Greatest Duets Concert, they fell in love.

Both later commented on their ‘love at first performance’ with Blake saying that he’d never connected at such level with anyone and Lambert confessing that she knew from the start that Blake was married insinuating that his marriage couldn’t stop her from having feelings for him. In 2006, Blake filed for a divorce from his wife, Kaynette Williams, to whom he’d only be married for three years and began officially dating Lambert.

Four years later in 2010, Shelton popped the question and he and Lambert were married in 2011 in Texas.

Real Reasons Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Divorced

A Rocky Start

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton might have immediately been smitten with each other but things were not as smooth as they seemed. First off, their relationship received much scrutiny as Lambert was labeled a homewrecker. At the early stages of their relationship, Shelton revealed in a 2007 interview that Lambert would get so mad at him to the point of wanting to punch him and then 30 minutes later, she’d call and act like it never happened. This only shows that they were not agreeing on many things and probably not communicating deeply about their disagreements.

Long Distance

Long-distance also certainly played a part in Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce. For the most part of 2006, when their relationship began, the couple were barely together. Lambert was touring while Shelton spent a lot of time working on his next album. As the relationship progressed, they never really seemed to solve the long-distance problem; and the more it went on, the more they drifted apart.

In 2011, Shelton got a job as a coach on The Voice and had to move to California taking them even further apart. To manage this, the couple reportedly agreed not to spend more than two weeks apart and since Lambert was the one touring and Shelton was on a more rigidly scheduled live show, Lambert had to do most of the visiting. Regardless, the distance still put a strain on their relationship. After their 2015 divorce, it was reported that the long-distance was the major reason for their split.

Cheating Allegations

Cheating rumors about their marriage began to swirl in 2013 with Shelton being the first alleged culprit as he was rumored to be also dating the singer, Cady Groves. This led to Shelton revealing his high honesty level with Lambert, saying he lets her go through his phone and check his drawers.

While the rumors about a potential split mounted, the duo made fun of it on Twitter, but the speculations soon proved true.

Reports would later surface that Blake suspected Lambert of cheating with country singer, Chris Young with whom she toured. However, Young debunked the rumors on Facebook saying that he was a friend of both Lambert and Shelton.

Their Post-Divorce Lives

After their divorce was finalized in July of 2015 (it was a quick one as they had a well-written prenup), whom he met on The Voice while Lambert began dating singer, Anderson East. News later surfaced that she’d split with East and began dating married singer Evan Felker.

Lambert later broke up with Felker and in February 2019, she married New York police officer, Brendan McLoughlin.

Since their divorce, both stars have thrown shades and counter shades at each other with song titles and social media posts and the drama still continues.

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