The Real Reason Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Divorced

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As beautiful as they often are, not all celebrity marriages last happily ever after. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s union was unfortunately amongst those that did not make the cut. The couple officially parted ways in 2013, three years after their fairytale wedding. Everyone was surprised by the announcement that they were getting divorced because the supermodel and the actor had seemed made for each other. They were the perfect couple in every sense of the word. They were both famous and at the top of their respective fields, and they genuinely cared about each other.

Their union resulted in the birth of a son, Flynn Christopher Bloom, who joined the family in 2011. Both Orlando and Miranda have gone on to have several meaningful and serious relationships since their divorce. The former Victoria Secret model is currently happily married to the CEO of Snapchat, , while the Lord of the Rings star is engaged to the singer .

While most divorced couples tend to be bitter and unfriendly with their former spouses, Kerr and Bloom chose to take a more graceful approach. They have remained the best of friends and are both committed to parenting their little boy. In fact, they are always singing each other’s praises and ruminating on how wonderful their marriage was before it hit the rocks. There’s not an ounce of hostility between them even now, which makes us wonder why they ever got divorced in the first place.

Why Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s Marriage Ended

The ex-couple rarely ever talk about their union in a bad light and have not really said much about the reason they got divorced, so there has been a lot of speculation in this regard. However, friends and other sources close to the couple have revealed the real reason why Orlando Bloom and got divorced.

Bloom’s Drinking

Apparently, the major cause of discord in their union was the excessive drinking habit that the Troy actor cultivated over time. He was rarely ever without a drink in his hand and this became a source of worry and discomfort for his model wife that ultimately led to her deciding to call it quits.

would get so wasted that he would blackout and not remember anything at all. It was almost like alcohol made him a completely different person. According to sources, Miranda used to get pretty miffed about her husband’s drinking because of the way it made him and she tried to get him to cool off the liquor as much as possible, but knowing how wild celebrity parties tend to be, getting him not to drink proved to be an uphill task.

It got to the extent where Orlando frequently required people to look after him in order to keep him from getting hurt after he had drunk himself to stupor, and this was one of the grounds on which Miranda filed for divorce.

Their Schedules

Of course, there were other issues at play that helped to further complicate matters. Their busy schedules and an increasing struggle to find common ground on things that mattered to them both was also a culprit. According to Miranda, getting a divorce was the best thing to do because they were no longer bringing out the best in each other, so it was better to call it quits before things deteriorated beyond repair.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s Post Divorce Life

The divorce hit both parties really hard. For Orlando, the period following their separation brought a lot of instability in his personal and professional life. He had to make concessions so the transition would be easier not just for them, but for their son too and this meant that he couldn’t take on certain roles so his career suffered a bit of a lag.

As for Miranda, the end of her marriage brought on a serious bout of depression. She had to go to therapy, meditate, practice yoga, and enlist the help of aromatherapy oils to find her happiness again.

The former couple has grown a lot since their divorce and they have been able to create excellent post-separation dynamics that is the envy of everyone. They might not be married anymore but Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr still love, respect, and support each other in every way especially when it comes to caring for the life they brought into this world.

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