The Real Reason Russell Brand and Katy Perry Divorced, How Did They Meet?

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In the entertainment sphere, there have been, and there will be many dramatic marriage endings and the list features the divorce between and . The marriage came to an end only 14 months after it began to the surprise of almost everyone as some believed that the comedian and pop star’s marriage was one destined to last for a long time – if not forever.

The most dramatic thing about the divorce was not only how soon it ended but the way it happened. The comedian chose to end his marriage to his Perry through a text message and then he simply disappeared from her life.

Beyond that, in a documentary after the collapse of their pretty much young marriage, Russel made some insulting remarks about his wife, describing her as the exact thing he detested. That said, the years have softened the way he views his ex-wife who claimed she loved him when they got married.

With all that went on between the former lovers, the question that many were left with was how the two got together in the first place, and why their marriage came to that type of an end.

How Did They Meet?

The first time that the Russell Brand and Katy Perry met was on the set of “Get Him to the Greek” in 2008. Although the singer was still dating Travis McCoy, she revealed that she immediately fell for Russell. However, it was until 2009 that they began dating fully after meeting again in New York at the Video Music Awards.

From the awards, the two seemed to be inseparable as their relationship got on a very fast lane. Soon afterward, they were in Thailand together followed by London and then in different shows. By this time, it was already clear that there was something serious going on between Russell and Katy Perry who’s 10 years younger than him. Before meeting Perry, Brand revealed that he was addicted to sex and drugs but he left all those things to settle down with her.

Less than a year after they started dating, Russell Brand and Katy Perry got engaged in 2010, after she introduced him to her parents. He popped the question when they were vacationing in India where they were celebrating the New Year. Before long, they were already married.

To the surprise of many their love story came to an end on December 31, 2011, after only 14 months with a text message sent from Brand to Perry. However, he took to social media to announce that they had agreed to end their marriage.

The Real Reason Russell Brand and Katy Perry Divorced

The main reason for the end of the marriage between the former lovers was, according to Russell Brand, the pressure that came with being famous. He revealed that Perry was a very busy woman and he was no less busy, so, they did not have the time to make their marriage work.

That was a completely different reason that was given by the comedian who unceremoniously dumped the singer when the divorce first happened. He revealed at the time that he was not comfortable with the lifestyle of his wife which he described as constructed, plastic, and mindless, among other things. Before then, he had made a joke that he might have to walk away from the marriage for him to be happy again.

Even before the two got married, it was revealed that there was a little problem with their union as on the night before their wedding, they had a rather bad fight. According to Russell, it was his trip to Africa that made him have a rethink on his marriage and then came to the realization that it was not worth it.

On her part, Katy Perry did not see it coming as she was left very devastated by the text message from her former husband, informing her that he was ending the marriage and from then on, he was gone and they have not met for a very long time that followed.

Years after the divorce, Brand would go on to claim that he still felt some warmth towards his ex-wife whom he was looking for an opportunity to apologize to, considering the way the marriage ended. Both have, however, moved on with Brand going on to marry in 2017 and Katy Perry getting engaged to in February 2019, after dating from early 2016.

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