Who Is Thilo Kehrer? Age, Career, And More

Thilo Kehrer's Net Worth as of June 2024 is $2 Million

Quick Facts of Thilo Kehrer

Net Worth$2 Million
Salary$500 Thousand per year
Height6 ft 1 in
Date of Birth21 September, 1996

Jan Thilo Kehrer is a defender for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the German national team. Continue reading to learn more about Thilo’s age, childhood, work, net worth, Instagram, and other details.

Thilo Kehrer was brutal in defense and even scored on his debut against Thomas Tuchel’s Dortmund club in Germany’s biggest rivalry (FC Schalke 04 vs Borussia Dortmund).

Kehrer didn’t stop there, though. As a captain, he went on to win the U-21 Euro in 2017.

The Childhood of Thilo Kehrer:

Thilo Kehrer was born in Tubingen, Germany, on September 21, 1996. He was born to a German father and a Burundian mother, both of whom spent much of their life in Africa.

Thilo Kehrer grew up in Africa, first in Burundi, then Rwanda, with his charming sister Sarah (ex-boyfriend of Serge Gnabry).

His mother is from Burundi, and she and her husband’s father worked in the nation for many years before meeting and marrying.

Growing up in these francophone countries equipped their children with the ability to communicate in French.

He attended the town’s elementary school while residing there, where he participated in competitive sports and achieved his first sporting victory.

“Thilo was the fastest in athletic activities during his elementary school days. He was the only kid who could jump the farthest and run the fastest.”

Armin Göhring, whose son attended the same school as Thilo and resided roughly 300 meters from his childhood home in Pfäffingen, supplied this information.

Armin happened to be a Football Department Leader in Thilo’s area, which was fortunate. He did more than show his admiration for the young man. He instructed Thilo to concentrate completely on the soccer opportunities that his school provided.

Soon after, football became a regular pleasure for him, and his desire to become a professional football player drove him to join a local team.

Early Career Years of Thilo Kehrer:

Thilo Kehrer’s career has only just begun at the turn of the millennium. His enthusiasm for soccer led him to join the TSG Tübingen youth team, where he received the greatest possible training for his new career.

Kehrer was noticed to be naturally two-footed from the start. He has a left and right foot that were both extremely flexible.

Despite the honor, Kehrer’s good start with the club was cut short owing to a problem that alarmed the club’s management.

They grumbled at the time that he seemed and behaved too casually in comparison to the rest of his teammates.

Kehrer’s care was the responsibility of Wolfgang Poerschke, who worked at the club’s football base. He went on…

“For a while, he was too laid-back, which made the coaches reluctant to nominate him.”

Thankfully, Thilo recognized the hint and responded favorably, returning with a different mindset.”

Thilo Kehrer transferred to SSV Reutlingen, another football academy, at the age of ten in 2006, with the help of a local coach, Albert Röcker.

After his family moved to the neighborhood, he made this move. Kehrer quickly progressed through the club’s levels. His proudest achievement was leading his young club to victory in a talent competition.

Thilo Kehrer Career: Professional Life Explored

Kehrer’s Youth Development took a significant turn when he was transferred to VfB Stuttgart in 2009.

With the team, the defensive standout experienced a career high in terms of maturity. This was evident in his selection to speak on behalf of his teammates in interviews.

Kehrer was spotted by Schalke 04’s youth system after two successful years at VfB Stuttgart. Schalke 04 is a German club noted for nurturing young players.

Young Kehrer met famed youth coach Norbert Elgert during his early Schalke days, and he was responsible for developing him into the footballer he is today.

Norbert Elgert didn’t merely mold Kehrer, as can be seen in the photo above. He was the one who helped to develop other great names, such Leroy Sane, Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neuer, and Julian Draxler.

Kehrer continued with Schalke for the rest of his youth career, progressing through the Schalke 04 II system with ease.

When he was younger, he captained the Schalke 04 U19 juniors to a championship title and the Westfalen Cup, which included players like Leroy Sane.

He persuaded the club’s management with his strong performances, and he was permitted to train with the Schalke Senior team.

Thilo Kehrer had to wait a long time to play for Schalke. During this time, patience and determination became his watchwords.

Because Nastasic and Höwedes were unavailable, Kehrer made his Bundesliga debut.

He was apparently being watched by a number of big European clubs at this time. PSG, managed by Thomas Tuchel, was one of them, and Kehrer embarrassed his previous team.

Tuchel went to great lengths to sign Thilo Kehrer, a trade that cost him 37 million euros and set a Bundesliga record.

As they say, the rest is history.

Thilo Kehrer Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship?

There is a glamorous WAG behind every successful footballer.

Thilo Kehrer’s possible clandestine romances, on the other hand, are one that escapes public scrutiny simply because his love life is private and probably drama-free.

Kehrer strives to keep his personal life out of the public eye at the time of writing. He could be in a relationship that he chooses to keep private for the time being.

Personal life of Thilo Kehrer Explored

Knowing Kehrer’s personal life off the field will help you obtain a full image of him.

To begin with, Kehrer is still a pretty down-to-earth person. He is a person who is aware of his origins. He also ensures that nothing is left to chance with his meticulous attitude to life.

Thilo Kehrer, as described in his hidden facts below, is a person with a sympathetic heart and a great sense of humanity.

Thilo Kehrer Family: Meet His Parents

Kehrer enjoys every second of his upbringing in Pfäffingen, Germany, despite having spent his early years in Burundi and Rwanda.

The name appears to indicate “someone who lives near a road bend.” The name Kehrer means “cleaner” in modern German.

Thilo Kehrer’s parents chose to raise their children in East Africa so that they may learn about their maternal ancestors.

Thilo Kehrer’s family settled in Pfäffingen, a district of Ammerbuch municipality west of Tübingen, after their return.

With paparazzi on the lookout, Kehrer’s family, particularly his parents, are currently keeping their life private, with no traces of their photographs on the internet. This is not the case for Sarah Kehrer, Kehrer’s lovely sister.

Thilo Kehrer LifeStyle Explored

Thilo Kehrer isn’t the type of footballer who flaunts a plethora of flashy cars, a fancy home, liquor, swagger, and attractive women.

With a current market value of 35 million euros and a lucrative weekly pay at PSG, he can afford practically anything.

His ability to deal with fame, on the other hand, is exactly proportional to his skill to handle the ball.

Kehrer doesn’t have time for long, expensive vacations.

Untold Facts about Thilo Kehrer: Get to Know the Athlete

Thilo Kehrer is one of the few African-European footballers who contributes to their own country.

Kehrer’s support brings hope to all socially disadvantaged individuals in his mother’s hometown through financial and material assistance.

Thilo Kehrer had a blue thick eye from a fight with Robin Quaison during his Schalke days. This occurred during his 90-minute match against Mainz. The defender was able to compete in header duels despite his ailment.

PSG paid a solidarity contribution to all German clubs that helped him with his training and football education as part of his 37 million euro deal.

Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva are Thilo Kehrer’s most trusted defenders. These were footballers he used to watch a lot as a kid.

Thilo Kehrer’s Salary and Net Worth

Thilo Kehrer’s net worth is unclear, however, according to numerous reports, he will have a net worth of more than 2 million dollars by 2022.

According to several sources, Thilo Kehrer’s annual salary will be more than half a million dollars in 2022.

His modest wealth comes from his football accomplishments, and his spending habits indicate a comfortable living.

His possessions, such as his house and cars, are worthless. He, on the other hand, lives like a king and posts photos of himself having a good time at high-end resorts across the world.

Meet Thilo Kehrer On Instagram

Thilo Kehrer seems to be highly active on social media since he routinely shares photos there.

He goes by the name @thilokehrerand has over 824k Instagram followers. Thilo also has over 500 Instagram posts, most of which are selfies.

Source: Instagram

He does, however, share photos of himself with his friends and family, as well as vacation images and family photos.

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