Tim Yeager Bio, Relationship With Robin Meade, What He Does For A Living 

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To some, they attain celebrity status for being exceptional in their career, while to others, they get mostly talked about and become the focus of public discussion for being married to a celebrity. Such is the case of Tim Yeager who is the husband of , a media personality.

Tim is mostly briefly mentioned as the husband of his famous wife and it just ends there. Here we will educate you more about him as it pertains to his bio, relationship with Robin Meade and what he does for a living.

Tim Yeager Bio

On the 1st of January 1970, Tim Yeager was born in Charles City, Iowa where he also spent his childhood with his parents. Some sources put his date of birth to be on  April 21, 1969. Whichever be the case, he wasn’t born any later than 1970. His full name according to most reliable sources was given as Robert Tim Yeager.

Not much information regarding his parents, siblings and early educational endeavors have been released. However, while growing up, Tim was reported to have worked in the communist party in Iowa as a chief organizer of events. This position gave him the opportunity to attend the World Youth Festival in East Berlin in July 1973.

He is known for a certainty to have studied History and Russian language at the University of Iowa where he graduated from and started his career working in the legal services unit at H.E.L.P. office in Davenport, Iowa.

Prior to 2013, he was the financial secretary and treasurer at UAW Local 2320 but he resigned from this position after tendering his resignation request to the national executive board of the organization which approved it.

Tim Yeager serves actively on the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns and the Advocacy Centre of the Episcopal Church. In addition to this, he works as an assistant organist in the Grace Church and became the chief of the Peace and Justice committee.

Relationship With Robin Meade

Tim Yeager and Robin Meade were in a relationship for a long time before getting married on the 6th of November 1993.

Meade works as the news anchor of the show Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN. She was a former Miss Ohio and has a talent for singing having released two country music albums in 2011 and 2013. She is also the winner of a regional Emmy Award.

The couple has been married since then and there were no major rumors about them until recently when it was observed that they were making fewer public appearances together. This birthed the suspicion that the relationship between them might be suffering from a dearth of the love that once brought them together. Some websites even claimed that Robin was having an extramarital affair with an “unnamed boyfriend’; this has been without any proof.

Neither Tim nor Robin has acknowledged the veracity of these rumors or significantly disproved them. However, their silence shouldn’t be taken to mean that they accent to what the public and some celebrity news websites are thinking and writing about them. Until they say otherwise or consent to what has been gravely gossiped and written about them, we posit it is best to accord their marriage the respect due to it and not join the bandwagon to peddle what might actually later turn out to be false.


What Tim Yeager Does For A Living

As you might have inferred from the earlier paragraphs, Tim Yeager has a life and career of his own – he is not just the husband of a celebrity. While his own career might not be of prominent mention like that of his wife, he has certainly done well for himself to have a net worth estimate of about $4.5 million and a monthly salary of around $400,000.

In the past, he served as the financial secretary and treasurer at UAW Local 2320 till 2013 when he resigned. He devoted time to writing and is credited to have written the books Floating on the Vow and The secret of falling. 

His career has seen him serve at a very young age as the chief organizer at the communist party and in the legal services of H.E.L.P office in Davenport.

In recent times, he has been a member of the standing committee at Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns and an assistant and chief of Peace and Justice Committee at Grace Church.

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