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Toby Turner (Birthname: Tobias Joseph Turner), also known by his stage name Tobuscus, is an internet celebrity and personality. He is also an actor, comedian, and musician.

Best known for his YouTube videos, Toby Turner has also had some TV and film starring roles. As of mid-2016, Turner was recorded to have almost 15 million subscribers plus close to 4 billion video views across his three YouTube channels.

Toby Turner Bio

Born on 3 March 1985, in Osborn, Mississippi to American parents – a father who ran a departmental store, and a mother who helped out in the same store – Turner grew up in Niceville of Florida with his parents.

He attended and graduated from the University of Florida, with a degree in Telecommunication Production. Afterwards, his mum took out a loan, buying him his first camera with it. According to Turner, this was instrumental in the launch of his YouTube career.

Turner launched his first YouTube channel, the Tobuscus channel, on 14 May 2006, and his very first video was based on the 2006 film, Click. It was a sketch of the film, actually.

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One of his earliest videos is “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” – which was a remixing record of the University of Florida Taser incident, in which a police officer stunned Turner’s classmate and friend Andrew Meyer with a Taser gun.

That video gained him some recognition, as he got interviewed by MTV. During the interview, he said: “as soon as I heard [Andrew] yelling, I knew it would fit in a hip-hop song.” He also gave all the profits from sales of related merchandise of the video to Andrew.

Turner also runs a series, the Literal Trailers series, which is one of the most popular on YouTube. It also garnered mainstream recognition for him from CBS News and Wired.

Toby Turner also launched another vlogging channel, as well as a gaming channel. He also went on to befriend Philip DeFranco – another vlogger and YouTube personality – who eventually employed him. They worked together on Like Totally Awesome (LTA) – a gaming and review channel that ran during the late 2000s and early 2010s – as well as on Cute Win Fail.

Toby Turner Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Toby Turner keeps a low profile of his personal life, and across all his channels and websites, his personal interests and likes, as well as his personal life in general, are kept at a low. Although there’s no adequate info about his love life, there are rumors that he might be in a relationship. According to him, though, he is currently searching for a good partner. He also claims to be in the process of starting an affair with an unnamed girl he has regularly referred to as his girlfriend.

Turner keeps two pet dogs, named Gryphon and Boone, who he loves to spend time with. Turner is allergic to cats and dairy. He is a victim of asthma and has regular medical attention for the condition.

Toby Turner is quite tall at a height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches. He has good looks and dresses in attractive styles.

His net worth, accruing from sales of related merchandise connected to his channels, as well as sponsorships and advertisements, is said to be in the region of USD$ 4.2 Million dollars.

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Toby Turner Scandal

On April 8, 2016, Toby Turner’s ex – April Fletcher – known by the internet community as AprilEfff, made some scathing allegation about Turner. She claimed he was addicted to drugs, and that he had cheated on almost all of his former girlfriends, including April Fletcher.

She also claimed that he drugged and raped her in February 2013.

On Tumblr, where she writes, Fletcher claimed that she had thought of taking her own life after the raping incident with Turner. She also said she was almost certain that he had tried the same thing with other women.

On 9 April, 2016, another of Turner’s ex-girlfriends – Jaclyn Glenn – posted a video on YouTube in response to the allegations. She supported Fletcher’s allegations about the affairs, claiming that Turner had cheated on her (Glenn) while they were dating. About the rape allegations, she said that although she thought they were possible, that she personally believed they were false.

Two days later, on 11 April, 2016, Turner responded to the accusations in a short video. He slammed Fletcher’s allegations as false, and claimed that he had “never done anything without her consent, never tried to trick her into anything.”

Nobody pressed any charges, but the news sure rocked the YouTube community when it did, sparking a lot of arguments for and against Toby Turner’s innocence.

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