Tom Phelan – Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, Brother, Family Life Of The YouTuber

Quick Facts

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known
ProfessionMedia Personalities

Tom Phelan is most popular for his videos on YouTube, the video-sharing website. He launched his channel in October 2014 and has been consistent in uploading video contents that both amuse and entertain his audience. Due to the contents of his channel, he has been able to attract thousands of subscribers and millions of views. He also collaborated with fellow YouTubers like Brian Redmon on some of his videos.

Phelan is often described as a funny, handsome, weird and straightforward fellow who doesn’t fail to dazzle his audience with every video he uploads. Specifically, the contents of his videos revolve around news, games, puns, vlogs, amazing sketches among other amazing things. In addition to being a social media personality, Tom Phelan is also an actor. He appeared in the Fine Brother’s web series Teen React and later in Adult React. He has also appeared on some shows on the kids’ channel, Nickelodeon.

Tom Phelan’s Bio, Age

Tom Phelan was on July 11, 1995, in New Jersey but there is no information on his parents. He had two brothers who he grew up with. No information about Tom’s educational background is available to the public. The names of any of the academic institutions he attended are also unknown.

He is mostly known for his presence on social media, particularly, YouTube. He has been on YouTube since October 29, 2014, when he created his YouTube channel dubbed Boston Tom. His first video on the channel was titled I’m Scared. It featured a lot of hilarious activities Tom Phelan performed alongside Brian Redmon. The video received positive responses that encouraged him to continue to post more videos.

Asides working hard to make his channel interesting and entertaining, Tom has also worked on a couple of web series. There are viral videos where Tom bares his mind on certain issues on the teen series called Teen Reacts. When he became an adult, he went ahead to join the Adult React crew. He was also part of the program’s spin-off called React to That. In addition to all this, he has also starred in some demo reels as an actor, they include Criminal Minds, Cal, and a few others.

Brother and Family Life of the YouTuber

Very little is known about the family of Tom Phelan. The identity of his parents are not known, neither are their occupations. It is assumed that his parents are Americans. About his siblings, it is known that he has two brothers. One of them was named John Phelan. John is said to have died of addictions; although it is not known when he died or what he was addicted to.

The world first heard about John from one of Tom’s videos on his channel titled I LOVE JOHN. In the video, he talked about how painful it was to have watched John suffer from addiction and he couldn’t do anything to help him until he died. Asides from this information on John, there are no other details about him or his other brother. However, it is known that the brothers grew up together in their birth town, New Jersey.

Net Worth – What is Tom Phelan Worth?

The YouTube social media platform has become not only a source of sharing contents but also a source of generating huge amounts of income. There exists a long list of YouTube stars who have gained both fame and wealth through the platform, one of such is Tom Phelan. Tom has gained over 297k subscribers with over 8 million views and as the subscribers and viewership increase, so does his income. Aside from this, he also gets a steady income from the shows he stares in regularly.


For his salary, it is not so certain what the YouTube sensation makes in a month or on an annual basis. Also, his net worth is yet to be ascertained as it is under review by Forbes and other credible sources. However, from his number of years in the business, it is expected that he makes a decent living and lives a comfortable life.

Height and Measurements

Tom Phelan’s height is measured at 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm while his weight measured at 67 kg. Other information such as his chest, waist and hip sizes are not known.

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