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Tran Jeong is an American born Vietnamese doctor with a thriving practice as a family physician. Although she is a well-known face in the medical industry and amongst professionals in her line of work, she is better known to the general public as the wife of the actor and comedian, . Her husband is the hilarious man behind the characters – Leslie Chow from The Hangover movies; and Ben Chang in the critically acclaimed comedy series, Community. Tran frequently accompanies her superstar husband to movie premieres, award ceremonies, and other events. She is the woman behind the talented actor, who inspires him to chase his dreams no matter how inconvenient or scary they might be.

While Tran is not the typical celebrity wife, she spends most of her time-saving lives and building an unshakable career in her chosen field. She is a woman who has endured her fair of trials, but Tran has mostly managed to keep landing on her feet for the sake of her family and with their help.

Tran Jeong’s Bio (Age)

The licensed medical practitioner was born and named Tran Ho on February 24, 1972, in the United States. Her parents are Vietnamese immigrants who raised her to the best of their abilities and ensured she had the very best education that they could afford. She attended good schools from kindergarten through high school before heading to UCLA, where she studied medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

After completing her studies, Tran Jeong got her board certification and began practicing as a family physician. She has spent the last twenty years of her career rising through the ranks and establishing herself in her chosen profession. She has built two practices from the ground up, operating out of Woodland Hills and Thousands Oaks, both of which are situated in California.

Tran is one of the leading physicians in the California area and her reputation is only getting stronger by the day. Her practices are doing very well, as dozens of patients walk through her doors with one ailment or the other for her to diagnose and treat. She also regularly performs surgical procedures on cases that require it. The doctor is beloved by her patients, both young and old alike because of her empathetic and professional nature. Tran knows how to allay their fears and explain their medical troubles in ways that are easy for them to understand.

Tran Jeong’s Family Life

With regards to her personal life, Tran has a lovely family of her own to return to every day. She is married to the talented comedian and actor – Ken Jeong, who earned fame through his appearances in movies like Burning Love, The Goods: Live Hard, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, All About Steve, Role Models, and The Hangover series. Ken used to be a doctor when Tran met him in 2002 while they were both practicing at Kaiser Permanente based in West California. He later turned his back on his medical career to pursue his dreams of becoming a comedian and an actor.

Tran married Ken Jeong in September 2004, after they had been together for two years. In 2007, the happy couple welcomed two new members to their family – their twin daughters named Alexa and Zooey Jeong. Their marriage has lasted over a decade and it still going very strong because Tran and her husband always put family first in spite of their hectic schedules.

Facts About Ken Jeong’s Wife

1. Tran Has a Considerable Net Worth

It pays to be a physician in the United States and Tran Jeong is reaping the generous fruits of her labor thanks to her successful medical practices. She is estimated to earn over $250,000 annually by way of salaries and with twenty years on her professional resume, she has managed to amass a sizeable net worth. She also shares in the net value of her actor husband who is worth $14 million.

2. She Has Been Cancer Free for Many Years

Shortly after she gave birth to her daughters, Tran was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. It was a very gruesome period in her life, as she was worried about leaving her children too young. She had to endure a mastectomy, 16 chemotherapy sessions, and follow-up radiation therapy before she was declared cancer-free in 2010. Although her oncologist feared that the cancer might return after two years, Tran has survived without the debilitating disease.

3. Ken Performed Inside Jokes for Her in His Movies to Cheer Her Up

Around the time that Tran Jeong received her cancer diagnosis, Ken landed his role on The Hangover and he wanted to decline it because wanted to be by his wife through every step of her recovery, but Tran encouraged him to take it. Ken then snuck a number of Vietnamese jokes that they shared between them into his dialogues in the film as a way of telling Tran he loves her and she loved every bit of it.

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