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Trey Smith may not be the most popular of the children of popular A-list actor , but he certainly has what it takes to be called an artist in his own right. Despite the controversies surrounding their father/son relationship, Trey is well welcomed to the family by Jada Pinkett. Will Smith current wife, and is often seen hanging out with the family which is a big proof that his father has not forgotten him. Read on to find out what he has been up to and how he made it into entertainment

Trey Smith’s Bio and Age

Trey Smith is the stepson of Jada Pinkett Smith and son of Will Smith. The former footballer cum actor was born as Willard Carroll Smith III on November 11, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, but adopted the name, Trey. He is the only child of both his parents but has two half-siblings – Jaden and Willow Smith – from his father’s remarriage.

Trey attended Oaks Christian School in 2011 and got a scholarship to the Northern Arizona University in 2010 but rejected the offer just like his father rejected the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scholarship in his younger days. Trey decided to face his career in music even though he played football in high school and was very good at it. He has a company in his name ‘Treyball Development Inc.’ which was founded by his father and uncle

Other than music, Trey has dabbled into the movies and the TV too. He featured in a few episodes of the television series All of Us, in his father’s single ‘Just The Two of Us’ and performed in the 2008 movie The Speech. Trey also acted in the film Real or Magic in 2013. He is a minor celebrity in the music industry and his first debut was with Just the Two of US.

Trey is also a sneaker model for a Los Angeles Based Sneaker company. But when he’s DJ’ing, he prefers to go in sleek low profile shoes—to avoid his shoes being louder than the mix. Among his many talents is driving. Trey Smith is an excellent driver as he was tutored by the famous ; an avid race car enthusiast.

Trey Smith’s Net Worth

Trey in his little years of being active doing the things he loves is worth $2 million even though we expect this figure to rise in the coming years. We cannot expect less because being Will Smith’s son alone is all the exposure one needs to succeed, just take a look at and Willow.

Relationship With Will Smith

Will Smith is the father of Trey Smith, he is known as one of the most versatile actors in the history of Hollywood especially as he is able to execute any given role to perfection be it in the comedy genre or horror. Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and apart from being an actor, he is also a producer, rapper, comedian, and songwriter.

In recognition of his work in the industry, Will Smith has won four Grammy awards. Ironically he bears the same name as his grandfather and father who was a U.S Airforce veteran and a refrigerator Engineer while his mother was a school board administrator. He attended the Lady of Lourdes elementary school and Overbrook High School but turned down a scholarship from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The information from all quarters says that the relationship between Trey Smith and his father, Will is best described as strained. Trey is a super private person and has decided to live his life under shadows to prevent too much attention, unlike his two half-siblings who bask in the spotlight. Unfortunately, it has been very obvious that Jaden and Willow hardly get along with Trey because they rarely (or never) mention him.


Trey Smith’s mother is a famous member of the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes. She was Will Smith’s first wife even though their marriage didn’t last so long. They were together for three short years and had Trey to show for their efforts. Sheree also hosts BHL’s Eat Pray Live. She was featured in the show: Oh Drama!

The drama queen was born as Elizabeth ShereeZampino and grew up in New York. Apart from Trey, she has a daughter named ; a product of her second marriage to Terrell Fletcher. They separated in 2014 after a seven years old marriage which began in 2007.

Will and Sheree have both concurred that their marriage failed in 1995 because they were too young to handle the affairs of marriage. Currently, they have a very friendly relationship which many say is for the benefit of their son, Trey.

Trey Smith’s Height

Trey is a super hunky with a body that always has the ladies drooling. Maybe it’s because he has always been on the athletic side. Whatever the reason, we sure love what we see on the actor who stands at a height of 5 ft. 9 inches tall. He has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

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