Tyler Crispen – Biography, Age, Height, Big Brother Appearance

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When it comes to reality television shows, we have all got that one star who we adore more than the other participants/contestants on the show. We tend to love these people for various reasons ranging from their personal conducts to their fit in the group or even their life story before they got on the reality show. For someone like Tyler Crispen who was the runner-up of Big Brother 20 (US) in 2018, he is loved for all of these by his fans and none fans alike.

Though the show has come and gone, Tyler through it attained fame as a celebrity and has been seeing a steadily increasing number of followers on his social media handles. Find out in the ensuing paragraphs, all that you might have missed about his background and many more while he was on the widely followed reality show.

Tyler Crispen – Biography, Age

Before fame and fortune, Tyler Ross Crispen began his life as a little boy born on February 17, 1995, in Hilton Head, South Carolina to Charline Crispen and her now late husband. He was later raised in Rossford, Ohio where he graduated from Rossford High School in 2013. As a kid, Ross often played sports (bowling, baseball) with his parents. His mom will in particular constantly yell at him during his games which he hated at the time. He has however admitted that she is indeed the best mom. Tyler won several bowling championships as well as baseball trophies as a kid. Following the death of his father when he was 17 however, he stopped playing bowling seeing that his bowling companion is no more.

The Aquarian is recorded to have been working as a lifeguard prior to getting on the Big Brother reality show he has been a big fan of from his younger days. Taking a closer look at his profession and the personal demands of the job, we will all agree that Tyler Crispen is a compassionate person. This is even made more evident when his Zodiac sign as an Aquarian is brought into consideration. The water-bearer was able to bring this into play while he was a Big Brother 20 houseguests seeing how he was able to look after other members of the house, form strategic alliances and got the trust of everyone. Ultimately, he stayed long enough in the house.

Big Brother Appearance

On the List of Big Brother 20, Tyler Ross Crispen was one of the 16 contestants on the show. The others are Angela Logan Rummans, Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton, Brett William Robinson, Faysal Shawn “Fessy” Shafaat, Haleigh Falyn Broucher, Joseph Charles “JC” Mounduix, Kaitlyn Sara Herman, Kaycee Noelle Clark, Rachel Elizabeth Swindler, Angela Brooke “Angie” Lantry, Scott Edward “Scottie” Salton, Stephen Russell “Steve” Arienta, Christopher Jordan “Chris” Williams and Winston Howard Hines.

While on the show, the Hilton Head native was the youngest male amongst his co-houseguests at age 23. The eldest was Stephen Russell aged 40 at the time. As a typical people person, Tyler became the first Head of House (HOH). He won POV (Power of Veto) about 3 times on day 18, 39, 53, and strategically used all of its privileges. He became a 2nd time HOH on day 72 and the 3rd time on day 86. With this, he became the first houseguest that season to clinch the crucial HOH position 3 times.

However, as the intrigues of the competition played on, Crispen was nominated for eviction on day 91 (alongside Angela Logan Rummans). Though he won Part 1 of the final HOH contest, it wasn’t enough to keep him as he lost 4 to 5 in favor of Kaycee Noelle Clark. Ross ended his participation in the reality show as the runner up of the season, won $25, 000 prize money and was also named America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Aside all these, Tyler Crispen did get something valueless he still cherishes till today. While on the show, he became friends with Angela Logan and they continued their friendship even when they left the show. On October 1, 2018, Angela announced through her Instagram account that they have begun living together.


Though Tyler Ross Crispen might have gotten famous for appearing on the Big Brother 20 reality show, it is apparent that that is not all there is to him with reality TV shows. In fact, before he came on Big Brother, Tyler was on the filming of TKO: Total Knock OuT a CBS obstacle course game show which was taped in May 2018 and aired in July of that same year. At that time, he was on the Big Brother show. His double appearances on both shows seemed to have confused some persons, but here, we have explained how it came to be.


The reality television star on his own standing is the dream of some ladies if not most. he stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 73kg. Tyler Crispen is remarkable with his blue eyes and curly brown hair.

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