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Like us, we suspect you like having Tyler Lockett score a touchdown in order to watch him dance. Admired for his athleticism and dynamic play, Tyler’s character has endeared him to literally everyone in the NFL world.

Beyond a concise account of his biography and career accomplishments, the following are the things you ought to know about the Seahawks playmaker’s family and body measurements.

NFL Career Attainments

Born on the 28th of September and in the year 1992, the Seattle Seahawks’ management is happy with their decision to pick Tyler Deron Lockett during the 2015 NFL Draft for obvious reasons. Apart from his fine character, this chap is undeniably a first-rate player.

Since he joined NFL after he was drafted as the 69th overall pick in the third round, Tyler has accomplished quite a lot. His rookie campaign ended with him emerging as the second player in NFL history to accumulate a punt return touchdown, a kickoff return touchdown, and no fewer than five receiving touchdowns in one season. Also, he got to participate in the NFL all-star game of the year and was named in first-team All-Pro and the PFWA All-Rookie Team. As of 2017, Mr. Lockett’s career stats with the league boasts of 13 touchdowns, 137 receptions, 192 rushing yards, 1,816 receiving yards and a massive total return yards of 3,266.

This bloke had his college career with the Wildcats of Kansas State University. His four year (2011 – 2014) stint with the Wildcats saw him become one of the finest players in the school’s history, it is said that he erected 17 school records. As one would expect, this brought him a handful of coveted recognitions including the honor as Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year in 2011. That same year and in 2014, Tyler Lockett was named in first-team All America. In 2013 and 2014, he was as well named in the Big 12 Special Teams of the Year; those years (2013 and 2014) also saw his name listed in the first-team All-Big 12.

It was in high school that Tyler started asserting himself as a remarkable footballer. As a student of Booker T. Washington High School located in the city he was birthed – Tulsa, Oklahoma; Tyler Lockett excelled not only in football but in basketball and track and field.

Tyler Lockett’s Family

One would be right to assert that football runs in Tyler Lockett’s family. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver cum return specialist is the son of Kevin Eugene Lockett, an ex-wide receiver/punt returner and the nephew of Aaron Lockett who made a name for himself as a wide receiver and return specialist – yeah, like Tyler.

While Tyler’s dad is known for spending most of his professional years with the Kansas City Chiefs (1997 – 2000), his uncle didn’t limit his game to the National Football League as he is equally remembered for his time with the Ottawa Renegades (2004) and the BC Lions (2004 – 2006) of the Canadian Football League (CLF). In NFL, he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2000) before moving to San Francisco 49ers (2002 – 2003). Apart from Kansas City Chief, Aaron’s older brother (Tyler’s father) played for the Washington Redskins (2001 – 2002), the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2002 and the New York Jet the next year.

The brothers’ attained quite an uncommon feat in their playing days with Kevin receiving various honors which include his naming on the 1995 and 1996 Academic All- America and the 1996 first-team All-Big 12 Conference. The man was equally the Big 12 Conference reception leader of the year. In the same vein, Aaron was CFL’s return yards leader in 2005 and a four-time All-Big 12 Conference honoree.

With the above, you don’t have to wonder where Tyler got his remarkable speed from, but here’s a bonus clue – his mom Nicole Edwards was equally an athlete. She thrived as a sprinter and as a basketballer, Tyler would agree she immensely contributed to the fine sportsman he has become. Tyler isn’t the only child of his parents, it is a common knowledge that he has at least three siblings which include his brothers – Sterling, Jacob, and Jordan Lockett.

His Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

For a player of his figure, it is not a surprise that Tyler’s bodily shape is widely regarded as one of his weaknesses in the sport. Among other things, it is believed that his physique makes it hard for him to contend with physical cornerbacks which leaves him with little option most times and forces him to redirect his routes. It has also been expressed on several quarters that his form is the reason he has been unable to thrive as a kick returner in the league.

But then, irrespective of Tyler Lockett’s built, he has proved beyond all doubts that he is an intelligent playmaker. He compensates for his stature and unideal frame with his playing speed and moves. The ‘Hawks’ wide receiver and return specialist is barely 10 inches taller than 5 feet and weighs 182 lb. While we are yet to get a comprehensive detail of his body measurements, we can authenticate that his arm length is 30 in (0.76 m) and is hand size, 8 3⁄8 in (0.21 m).

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