Undertaker Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Is He Dead, Where Is He Now?

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In any list collecting the greatest wrestlers to have ever graced the rings, hardly ever can one get completed without having The Undertaker somewhere at the very top. A professional wrestler who has been in the WWE for almost forever, he has become one of the most interesting fighters to watch. Here are all the things to know about him.

The Undertaker Biography

You may know him as the Undertaker, but the wrestler was born as Mark William Calaway on March 24, 1965, in Houston, Texas. It was there that he was raised alongside his four brothers. For his education, Calaway attended the Waltrip High School and from there, he went to the Texas Wesleyan University but dropped out only a year later to make a complete entry into the wrestling sports.

He had always been an athletic kid as he grew, playing basketball and football in his high school days. In fact, he was majoring in Sports management in college before he called it quits. He had wanted to play basketball professionally in Europe but dropped the idea when he opted for the rings.

Calaway made his first wrestling fight in 1984 against Bruiser Brody at the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). Unfortunately for him, he lost the fight. That stated, he would still gain promotion only 4 years later.

In 1990, Mark William Calaway became Kane The Undertaker when he gained entry into the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Before that time, he was known as Mean Mark when he fought in the World Championship Wrestling just a year prior to his WWF debut.

His many years as a wrestler would bring a lot of mysteries, most especially when he started introducing supernatural and scary themes in his fights. His emergence as The Undertaker portrayed him as a mortician and someone who is immune to pain. One of his most memorable moments was when he was sealed in a coffin by Yokozuna and he made a promise to return.

The 1990s would see undertaker weaving interesting stories by the characters he portrayed including as the Deadman and Lord of Darkness. As the years progressed, he would go on to adopt and drop names including Big Evil, American Bad Ass, The Demon of Death Valley, and The Phenom.

Thus far, he has won 24 WrestleMania, losing only 2 to  and . Apart from that, he has won many awards and titles through his career.


Even as he has become very successful as far as wrestling is concerned, his relationships have not been the most flawless. He has been married three times thus far. His first marriage was in 1989 and that was to Jodi Lynn. By 1999, the marriage had already ended in a divorce even as it was blessed with a child, Gunner, who was born in 1993.


The next woman to become his wife was Sara Calaway who married him in 1999 only for the marriage to end again in a divorce in 2007. Before their divorce, the couple had two children, Chasey (2002) and Gracie (2005). His next wife whom he is still with is Michelle McCool. The two got married in 2010 and they share a child, Kaia Faith who was born in 2010. Before her marriage to The Undertaker, Michelle McCool who is a retired wrestler was once married to Jeremy Alexander with whom she also had a child.

Net Worth

In 2016, the Undertaker was said to be one of the highest earners with earnings of $2 million. He appeared on the on a list that was topped by who had earned $9.5 million, Brock Lesnar who had $6.0 million, and Triple H with 2.8 million.

Having spent many years as a wrestler and one of the most dramatic, he has amassed a lot of wealth alongside his fame. He has a net worth that is estimated at over $17 million.

Height and Weight

Once it comes to wrestling, The Undertaker is a complete package as he has a good body build and the moves needed. He has a height of 6 feet and 10 inches (2.08 m) and a weight of 136 kg (299 lb). His chest measures 50 inches, his waist is 36 inches, while his biceps measure 17 inches.

Is he dead? Where is he now?

Because of the time that the Deadman has taken off the center stage, a lot of people have come to wonder if he is actually dead. No, he is not. In fact, as it seems, he is still not yet done completely with the ring as there are indications that he may soon return to the ring.

He made an earlier return in January 2018 when he accepted a challenge from . At the Wrestlemania 34, the older wrestler easily had the day over Cena.

For those who are wondering where Undertaker is right now, he is neither far from the arena nor is he from the ring.

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