Unwrapping Big Chief – Justin Shearer’s Relationships From Wife to New Girlfriend

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Many call him Big Chief but his real name is Justin Shearer. With several brilliant endeavors to his name, history would remember this Chief as one of America’s famous street racers. He is also known for being a TV personality and admired for his role in the Discovery Channel series, Street Outlaws. It was on the racing show that he gained widespread recognition for his fine racing skills.

Shearer was born in Louisville, Kentucky on the 9th of December 1980. Having lost his father at a young age, he grew up with his mother and brother. It is believed that he inherited his passion for racing from his father who was all about motorsports when he was alive. Justin would tag along while his father went racing and gradually learned some of the intricacies of the sports. He would also learn how to fix racing cars and this cemented his fate as a sports car enthusiast.

The Exploits of Big Chief’s Racing and TV Career

Racing for Big Chief started at the age of nine; his dream was to become a successful street racer. It was only a matter of time before he turned his back on all distractions and focused on racing. Seeing how passionate her son was about motorsports, his mother encouraged him with all she had.

After moving with his mother to Oklahoma, Justin joined Oklahoma City’s street racers and honed his racing skills. He continued to grow in the sports and by the time he was twelve, Big Chief was counted among the best racers. Racing turned out to be quite lucrative for Shearer as he started earning from it.

One of his remarkable moments was the period he purchased his first racing car. Shearer bought a 1972 Pontiac LeMans and called it ‘The Crow’. The Crow made motorsports more interesting for Justin as he found more reason to continue striving.

With the sound experience he got from his racing career, Big Chief landed a job as a TV personality with Midwest Street Cars. This later became a part of the Discovery’s Street Outlaws series and premiered on the channel in 2013. With that, Justin Shearer became more popular and reaped good financial rewards.

Details of Big Chief’s Relationship with Alicia Shearer?

Big Chief’s personal life is something that leaves his fans perturbed each time questions are raised in that regard. Most people believe that any marriage that lasts for a decade has survived the test of time and would endure many more years. This wasn’t for Justin as his marriage to Alicia Shearer hit the rocks after 10 years.

Alicia is a respiratory therapist and she met Big Chief before he became popular; he was working at a gas station then. They became friends and started dating after a while. Alicia was only 18 when they got married in a private wedding ceremony on September 29, 2006. The Justin-Alicia union produced two male children named Cobrin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

Divorce and What We Know About His New Girlfriend 

As fate would have it, the marriage between Big Chief and Alicia came to an end in 2017. It was rumored that the street racer was having an affair with a lady named Jacklyn Braasch. Justin had affirmed that he was not cheating on his wife, claiming the rumors were unfounded. Shortly after, Shearer announced that he and Alicia were getting a divorce for reasons he never revealed to the public. While people hoped that the couple would work things out, the divorce came to pass and the couple went their separate ways.

Big Chief moved on with Jacklyn Braasch. His new girlfriend is also a racer like him. Jacklyn has been racing since she was eight and is part of a women motorsport organization called Car Chix. The couple has made a couple of appearances together and considering the fact that they have a lot in common, people have come to believe they are fated to be together.

From all indication, they probably met during one of their racing events. Big Chief has been all about making plans for the future with his girlfriend while he does all he can to be the best dad to his boys.

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