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Vinicius Junior's Net Worth as of July 2024 is $39.61 Million

Quick Facts of Vinicius Junior

Net Worth$39.61 Million
Salary$12.61 Million per year
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth12 July, 2000

Vinicius Junior is a forward for Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team. Please continue on to find out more about his age, physique, and childhood. Career, wealth, and other data.

Vinicius began his career at Flamengo, where he made his senior debut in 2017.

Vinicius Junior’s Childhood Story: Family and Early Years Background

To begin, Vincius José Paixo de Oliveira Jnior is his full name. Vinicius Junior was born on July 12th, 2000, to a lovely family.

In the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, he was born to Vinicius José Paixo de Oliveira and Tatiana Vinicius.

Vinicius Junior’s parents struggled to put food on the table while growing up in a poor family with two brothers and a sister. Things went well with the help of his diligent uncle, Ulysses.

Vinicius Junior’s Biography—Professional Experience

Vinicius’ first football encounter took place in Sao Goncalo, a run-down Rio de Janeiro neighborhood.


“Chapeau” is a skill in football that involves flinging the ball over an opponent’s head and making them look bad about it. Sao Goncalo Vinicius Junior learned about and fell in love with “chapeau” at school.

The Chapeau relocation inspired Vini’s interest in futsal. Every time Junior registers for football, Robinho is his mentor.

Vinicius Junior’s Futsal Adventures

Vinicius Junior began his formal education in 2006, just like any other Brazilian child (age 6). He began his education in one of Flamengo’s 125 Brazilian schools.

His parents held off on allowing him to begin his success story until he was seven years old. That same year, Vini joined Canto do Rio, a well-known futsal club in Niteroi, south of Sao Goncalo, that same year.

Vini’s futsal training ground was only a short ferry trip from Rio. Things seemed to be going well at first because his parents could afford to transfer him.

Vinicius Junior’s family’s finances, on the other hand, did not take long to deplete. As a result, getting their son to the hospital was difficult, and they needed to consider their options.

Vinicius was forced to stay with his uncle, Ulysses, in Piedade, a town in So Paulo much closer to his training site. He felt at ease there and considered his futsal pitch his second home.

Vinicius Junior moved up through the ranks of his futsal school to become the best player in his age group, even better than his teammates.

He was awarded the No. 10 shirt, for his team’s playmaker.

Vinicius learned how to take advantage of tight spaces in addition to dribbling. This helped him improve his agility and reflexes, which made him a better football player at a young age.

Vinicius Junior’s Childhood and Career

When he joined Flamengo, Vinicius declared himself a left-back. This was a bluff. It didn’t take long for him to show he wasn’t a left-back as some had said previously.

This was clear as he led his team’s frontline to their first title medal as a teenager. Vinicius examines his first medal in the photo below.

Since the victory medals, everyone in the club, even the young management, has realized that they have a valuable asset. Vinicius was also voted tournament MVP. He got the golden boot.

The Future of Vinicius Junior

After a decade of his father driving him to Flamengo’s academy in Sao Goncalo, he finally made his professional debut for the Flamengo side.

This occurred in the year 2017, which he considers being his most memorable year. Tim Vickery of ESPN FC made a joke about it when he saw him make his debut.

Tim Vickery was taken aback when he first saw the young Brazilian score goals and celebrate with his Flamengo team’s distinctive flair.

Flamengo announced the extension of Vinicius’ contract just two days after his professional debut. As a result, his release clause grew from €30 million to €45 million.

Flamengo board members made the decision because they expected European clubs to harass them.

Unfortunately, Manchester United chairman Ed Woodward had little luck in his negotiations with Flamengo, and the transfer talks fell through.

Vinicius was chosen to play for Brazil at the South American U-17 Championship in March of the same year, and he did very well.

Vinicius made an impression on South America by scoring seven goals as Brazil won the tournament for the 12th time in a row.

After winning the title, Vinicius Junior was not only named the best player in the competition. With seven goals, he also became the team’s top scorer.

It would have been trademarked right there and then if the Chapeau film hadn’t already been trademarked.

The European Hunt, Vinicius Junior

Following the championship, major European clubs expressed their dissatisfaction with Vinicius’ high fee. According to them, he was a youngster who had never kicked a professional ball.

Scouts thought his Under-17 football career showed little or no promise.

In an attempt to rationalize and potentially lower his exorbitant price tag, They can’t explain his €45 million expertise fee.

Despite the transfer wars, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona were willing to gamble. Both were willing to spend €45 million for Vinicius’ services.

Both teams agreed to pay two-thirds upfront and the remainder when he played well in Spain.

Barcelona, Real Madrid’s bitter rival, emerged as the frontrunner for Vinicius Junior very quickly. In real life and in FIFA, Vinicius was a huge fan of FC Barcelona.

Neymar is said to have called Vinicius in Brazil to tell him how much he loved Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona, on the other hand, has refused to match his astronomically high release clause. Except for the exaggerated price and his age, everything was going swimmingly.

While FC Barcelona debated the 16-year-old phenomenon, Real Madrid swooped in. They won the race after spending €46 million.

Vinicius was allowed to stay in Brazil until July 2018 so that he could keep growing at Flamengo.

The family of Vinicius Junior was accused of arranging his transfer to Real Madrid.

He had no desire to play for Real Madrid, his uncle, Ulysses, in an interview, Vinicius spoke to him when he made his decision. According to him, the sale of Vinicius Junior to Real Madrid was the most expensive under-18 player ever sold. It’s all history after that.

Vinicius Junior’s wife and child in his love life:

Without a doubt, the time he has to defend his substantial €46 million comes with a cost and a responsibility.

As a result, he must keep his personal life apart from his professional life. The photo below has sparked some interesting discussion about Vinicius Junior’s girlfriend or wife.

Source: Instagram

It’ll only be a matter of time before we learn the truth about Vinicius Junior’s relationship status.

Vinicius Junior: Know Him Better

Vinicius is a sentimental and intuitive individual. He is a sensitive, emotional person who is profoundly concerned about his family and house.

As a result, he keeps his personal and romantic lives very quiet. Some facts about Vinicius’s personal life did come out during an interview with a very nice Spanish woman.

Vinicius Junior revealed several fascinating details during his interview, which took place when he was 18 years old.

To begin with, he does not own a home, and his parents continue to collect and manage his money. Second, even in his own country, Brazil, he was subjected to racism.

Finally, playing FIFA is one of his most vivid childhood memories. The journalist was able to get a back camera shot of Vinicius Junior playing FIFA, which led to the third fact.

Speaking about FIFA, numerous EA game fans affirmed via the career mode that Vinicius Junior would reach the 93+ margin at the age of 22, which is the same age as the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

What is Vinicius Junior’s net worth?

The Primary source of income for Vinicius Junior is from his football career. He has been in the field for quite some time so we can assume the athlete has amassed quite some money.

According to various sources, his net worth is around 40 million dollars and according to, the athlete earns £9,568,000 annually.

His net worth will undoubtedly rise in the coming years as he is far from retirement.

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