Watkin Tudor Jones – Bio, Age, Wife, Daughter, Height, Net Worth

Watkin Tudor Jones's Net Worth as of April 2024 is $10 Million

Quick Facts of Watkin Tudor Jones

Net Worth$10 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height6 ft 3 in
Date of Birth26 June, 1974

Watkin Tudor Jones is a South African artist who is popularly known for his rap band called Die Antwoord. It was his passion for music that made him drop out of school back in the ’90s to pursue his music career, however, the road was not so rosy as he had his share of failures along the line.

He finally rose to prominence with the launch of Die Antwoord band back in 2008 and since then, his fame has spread across the globe. Let’s explore his bio, love life, and net worth in the following paragraphs.

Are Watkin Tudor Jones and Yolandi together?

Watkin and Yoladni has stayed together as a band but they split in the year 2013 and began to see for other partner in their life.

Watkin Tudor Jones’ Bio (Age)

Watkin Tudor Jones was born on June 26, 1974, in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Although not much is known about his parents, we can tell that Watkin is South African and his light complexion is an indication that his ethnicity is mixed.

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Some sources also have it that, the musician has a brother with whom he spent his childhood days.

With regards to his education, it has been confirmed by reliable sources that Watkin did not complete his high school education and upon quitting school, he tried his luck in many music bands which never made it big.

His first attempt at starting a music band was with the group called The Original Evergreens back in the 1990s before he moved on to the group Max Normal where he became the lead vocalist and by 2001, they dropped the album titled ‘Song from the Mall’.

After basking in the euphoria of their album launch for a while, Max Normal disbanded and Watkin Tudor Jones relocated to Cape Town which was where he became a member of the hip-hop band The Constructs Corporation but this group also broke up about a year from its debut.

Watkin then teamed up with his former band in 2005 under the name MaxNormal.TV to do some collaborations with the likes of, Justin De Nobrega, and Neon Don.

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Later on, Watkin Tudor Jones formed the rap group Die Antwoord and that was where he got his famous name Ninja. The group became very popular for their unique style of blending contemporary songs with old ones and by 2010, they had gone on tours to Europe and the United States, performing the South African Zef Music.

Furthermore, we gathered that the band’s song “Enter the Ninja” became a hit and it had the South African entertainer, Leon Botha in it.

What did Watkin Tudor from Die Antwoord do?

A rap duo Die Antwoord was accused of sexual abuse by their adopted son. A video’s 45 minute shows the adopted son detailed alleged sexual assailt by notorious duo.

Other Works

Apart from his influence as a musician, Watkin Tudor Jones is also known for appearing in a couple of films and his first movie appearance goes back to the 1995 Kickboxer 5 where he had a cameo as a prisoner.

Later on, he was seen in a South African documentary released in 2010 titled Tokoloshe, and the next year, he was in the Zulu-based movie Umshini Wam by Harmony Korine.

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Watkin was also seen in the action thriller Chappie which was released in 2015 and the movie made it big commercially.

Why is Die Antwoord cancelled?

Die Antwoord is not playing on Festival after the video of Alleged Homophobic Altercation Surfaces was released and also Die Antwoord was removed from several festivals after an altercation.

Watkin Tudor’s Wife & Daughter

A look into Watkin’s love life shows that the musician is not a married man but he shares a long-term relationship with rapper Yolandi Visser who also happens to be the mother of their daughter named.

It is also interesting to know that Watkin’s girlfriend’s real name is not Yolandi Visser but Anri Du Toit and his daughter has followed in his footsteps as she is now a member of the band called The Boy With The Rainbow Face.


Sixteen is also known to have appeared in the music video Fink U Freaky at about 7 yrs of age.

We also gathered that Sixteen is not the only child of Watkin Tudor Jones as he and Yolandi, adopted a boy back in 2010 named Tokke from the slums in Johannesburg.

What Is Watkin Tudor Jones’ Net Worth?

The multifaceted South African artist who is popularly known as Ninja is definitely making some cool cash from his career as an entertainer. Watkin Tudor Jones has not only served as a vocalist but it is also known that he is a songwriter, music producer, well an upcoming actor which has all contributed to earning him the fine sum of $10 million as his net worth.


As his fame spread, so also did the controversy that Ninja is not the original creator of Die Antwoord songs. Some dailies in Johannesburg had it that he stole the idea from some street children known as The Glue Gang Boys.

It was also revealed that Watkin Tudor Jones came under the pretense of caring for the young boys but ended up stealing their music style.

In addition to that, Watkin Tudor has been accused of sexual manipulation of young girls, one of whom was the Australian artist Zhandi Sparkes. However, all these allegations have been denied by both Wakin and his partner Yolandi and they are yet to be charged with any crime.

Height & Weight

From his looks, it is very glaring that Watkin is a tall man he stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch, and his weight is 80 kg or 176 lbs. His bodybuild can be described as slim and it is obvious that he loves tattoos as he has a lot of inscriptions all over his body.

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