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NBC’s history record can’t be read without Sy Kravitz’s name being mentioned. He was a famous producer whose talent some persons think is defined by the combination of his Jewish and Slavic roots. Even in his old age, when most of his mates had retired, he was awarded for being a celebrity who had done so much for the movie industry.

Asides making a name for himself, Sy Kravitz is also known as the father of U.S. renowned singer/songwriter and the grandfather of actress, singer, and model . Although Sy is no longer with us (as he died in 2005), his memory and legacy will linger on for a long time.

Who is Sy Kravitz?

Seymour Kravitz, who is popularly known as Sy Kravitz, was born on December 10, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York City. His nationality is American but his roots are kind of mixed up with different ethnic backgrounds including Jewish and Russian.

Sy was not an only child, he had a young brother whom he lost during the Korean War. The death of his playmate didn’t only leave a vacuum in his heart but also in the heart of the entire family. The family was, however, consoled when his late brother was honoured with the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously – at least the cause for which he died was remembered.

Sy had to thereafter live as an only child. Not much is known about his early education but it is known that he attended Beverly Hills High School after which he moved on with his career in filmmaking.

He would later work his way up the ladder of success by absolute hard work. He became an NBC news producer and filmmaker and gained himself an accolade as one of the most popular film producers even in his old age.

Sy suffered from leukaemia and it was the deadly disease that took his life in one of the New York hospitals on October 29, 2005.

Net Worth

Sy acquired a lot of wealth to afford him a comfortable life when he rose to fame through his career in news production and filmmaking. Not much is known about his annual salary but his estimated net worth was close to a $1 million. This actually could be more.

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His Family – Parents, Kids

Kravitz has American nationality but then there is really no information about his parents, though it is known that he was born to the same parents as the late Leonard Harold Kravitz.

He got married to Roxie Roker, an African-American woman in 1962, while in his late teens. The marriage, unfortunately, didn’t have a happily ever after ending as the couple went their separate ways sometime in 1985.

Seymour Kravitz couldn’t stay the rest of his later years alone, so, he remarried some years later to a woman named Erica. His marriage to Roxie was blessed with a child named Lenny Kravitz. He named Lenny after his younger brother Leonard Kravitz who died in the Korean War. His second marriage to Erica produced two daughters.

Sy’s son Lenny found a career in music and has been doing it so well. Kravitz’s family life was not entirely pleasant, he is said to not have been a doting father to any of his children. The early stage when he was trying to build a home with Roxie was pleasant and had all the lovey-dovey parts but the tables soon turned years later when he started finding pleasure in the arms of women outside his home. He provided quite fine for his family but the love he should have given them as a father was lacking because he had many things begging for his attention outside.

It was for this reason that Roxie decided to file for divorce when she thought she had borne enough heartbreak in their relationship. Just a couple of years before his death, Sy asked his popular son, Lenny, to forgive him for not really being there as he should have, he was forgiven and the two reconciled. It can be assumed that he offered the same apologies to his daughters too.

Lenny honoured his father at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena two days after his death.

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