What Does Doc on “Street Outlaws” Do for a Living? Here’s What We Know

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James Love who you might better recognize as Doc on television is one man who followed his passion for cars to the fullest. He is a cast of Discovery Channel’s reality series Street Outlaws where he races with The Street Beast; a customized 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with which he became one of the deadliest racers of the show, earning a lot of money as rewards.

The Street Outlaws show is what Doc has grown to be associated with over the years. His fans and indeed all who have seen and heard about him have often wondered whether he has a life outside the street racing show? We were initially at a loss about this and decided to research about him to be better informed and in turn educate others. Here, we present all that we have found out about “what Doc of Street Outlaws does for a living?” But first, know the basics about him before he became popular with the television show.

Background Information About Doc

  • He was born on February 19, 1969, in Moore, Oklahoma and named James Love, a son of a concrete construction worker.
  • James had his high school education at Moore High School in Oklahoma.
  • From an early age, he had an interest in machines and their workings which influenced his decision to study about machines in Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • His first car, a 77 Monte Carlo, his mom’s car, was given to him so he could use it to go pick up his younger brother and sister from school as well as drive himself to work.
  • As time went by, he saved up enough money to buy his first car which was a newer model – 72 Monte Carlo and he had a timing chain and rear breaks installed on it.
  • Many years passed by and the OK (Oklahoma) man’s interest in cars continued to soar higher amidst life challenges.
  • In April 1990, he got married to his high school sweetheart named Judy.
  • They have been together since and are parents to two girls; Ashtyn and Haley.
  • The once poor kid who had a financially rough childhood has since used his passion for cars to turn around his life for good.
  • Doc is one of the strongest hands on the wheels in The Street Outlaws show. His swiftness in races has seen him well rewarded. The driver’s net worth according to sources is put at over $500, 000.

What Does Doc on “Street Outlaws” Do for a Living? Here’s What We Know

After his studies at UTI, the chap returned to Oklahoma with the zest to race cars. He bought his first race car, a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo off eBay from Wisconsin and drove it back to Oklahoma. Doc named his Chevy the ‘The Street Beast’ and began racing with it in earnest.

In addition to his racing interest, Doc was also a car mechanic in a garage where he used his knowledge and training in machines to repair and customize cars brought to the garage. He went on to establish his own repair shop called Southwest Diesel Service with his grandfather in the year 2001.

Doc however still nursed the ambition to devote more time to racing his Chevy, this passion saw him become a part of an American reality television series called Street Outlaws in the year 2013. He modified his Street Beast to perform the best on race tracks coupled with his aptitude and mastery of the aerodynamics of the vehicle, he has been very successful doing what he loves best and there seems to be no stopping to his dominance on the race.


Coming to the question of what Doc does for a living, he has a lot going on in pursuing his career as well as being a dad to his family members. In the world of street racing and probably any other racing sports, drivers take it as a full-time job and most do nothing else apart from training and racing. Most of the guys in the Street Outlaws actually quit their full-time jobs but this is not the same for Doc.

He has a repair shop which he started with his grandfather years ago and still works there as it’s something special to him and not just a business. So basically, what he does for a living is that he is a Street Outlaws race driver as well as a car mechanic.

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