What Happened to Bashurverse, Is He Dead or Alive? Who Is the Girlfriend?

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Bashurverse joined the league of YouTube personalities taking the website by storm through their vast gaming prowess and experiences in 2010 via his Bashurverse channel. He specialized in the Minecraft series. Sometime in 2015 following a rumor that left him devastated, he announced that he would leave the website but eventually left in 2017. Since then, people are asking what happened to the Minecraft guru. Let’s find out together.

Bashurverse Bio: Early Life

The YouTuber was born on the 9th of September 1985 as Brandon Dylan Ashur. Very little is known about his background or educational information but he did let us in a bit through an open YouTube confession, on March 4, 2015. Bashurverse revealed that though he knew his mother who is long estranged from him, he is still in the dark about the identity of his father. He also said that his mother is not a good person and didn’t look after him as a young child but left him in the care of his older brother, subjecting them to a rough start in life.

She would later end up in court for her irresponsibility towards the kids after which concerned relatives catered to them. Bashurverse was ultimately given up for adoption and finally got to know a father’s love. His foster father was a country musician and he always took him along to his concerts. The exposure did not, however, make him fall in love with the craft but he did with gaming.

Bashurverse was enrolled in a high school but it is unknown if he graduated. He showed minimal interest in academics but took rather to gaming; EverQuest on weekdays on his laptop then dungeons and dragons with his middle school friends on weekends.

At the age of 18, he was taken to therapy for pedophilic actions after he was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct for inappropriately texting a minor. The minor happened to be his best friend’s 15-year-old sister.

The event so affected him that he did not leave the house for a very long time. When he finally moved, he was a shut-in and spent every single day in a room, on his computer playing games. The only person he saw during those periods, on rare occasions though was his adoptive mother. He played such games as World of Warcraft and Katawa Shoujo and gradually developed his gaming aptitude. Then he made a Minecraft series known as The Legend of Hobo which went on to snag more than one million views in a short while. His career was launched thereafter.


He started his channel, Bashurverse, targeted at a young audience in 2010, where he uploaded primarily Minecraft content. His gaming skill and content earned him a slew of subscribers who he called Melons or Goonies. He continued to create and upload mostly Minecraft contents with new episodes such as Magical Modded Minecraft Morning (MMMM), Love Craft, 99 Diamonds Challenge, and SkyFactory daily.

In time, recognitions started streaming in from other notable YouTube personalities like  SkyDoesMinecraft who told him he liked his videos. He also collaborated with popular YouTubers such as Sky, CaptainSparklez and JeromeASF which further helped him to grow his fan base.

Bashurverse launched a second channel named BashDoesThings where he made video vlogs about his personal life. Despite his growing empire with over 1.8 million Melons, he deleted his channel, along with the rest of his social media accounts in 2017, completely erasing his internet presence.

What Happened to Him, Is He Dead or Alive?

After achieving success on the website, his career took a downward spiral in 2015 following a rumor about him, reportedly initiated by YouTuber Jobless Garrett that he is a pedophile rapist. This is different from his earlier conviction of sending inappropriate messages to a minor. It was purported that he raped a girl of 10 when he was 23.

The story was discussed on DramaAlert with subsequent arguments between him and . He was subjected to mental breakdown and subsequently tweeted that he was “depressed and suicidal.” He also announced to his viewers that he would stop posting videos but kept on posting nonetheless.

Nevertheless, two years later, he made good his announcement and took a break from the internet. In April 2017, he stopped posting videos and made all his videos private. One month after, he wiped clean his other social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram.

His decision shocked his fans who kept wondering whether the YouTuber has ended his own life given to lack of news and his previous mental condition. Though he contemplated suicide, he never carried out the act.

He seemingly made his return online, back to what he loves doing, entertaining people. A new Twitter account @TheBrandonAshur surfaced on December 7, 2017, and also a new YouTube channel named Brandon Ashur, which currently contains live streams and music. Although these accounts bear his ID, they are not verified to be his. More recently, his Minecraft account was put up for bid on February 22, 2018, after reportedly being hacked.

As per Bashurverse’s whereabouts, there are unconfirmed reports that he is in a live-in relationship with a new girlfriend in Los Angeles while some fans also alleged to seeing him working at Best Buy.


Who Is His Girlfriend?

Bashurverse dated and lived with Clara Swan popularly known by her YouTube name . They broke up in 2015 but came back afterward, deciding to work on their relationship instead. However, in 2017, she posted a tweet which from all indications suggested that they were no longer together.

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