What Happened To Jontron? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

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Known as JonTron, Jonathan Aryan Jafari is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality. His videos mostly consist of a comedic review of poorly received games. He also reviews movies and television shows of varying genres in his YouTube channel JonTronShow, which boasts of over 4.9 million subscribers and almost 690 million views as of December 2018. People have been asking what happened to him, let’s find out together.

Who Is Jontron?

The YouTuber was born Jonathan Aryan Jafari on March 24, 1990, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, U.S. He has a mixed ancestry as he was born to a mother of Hungarian-Croatian root and a father of Persian descent.

Jafari attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School where he was an active member of a musical theatre group. While in school, his future began to take shape as he met some of those he would collaborate with as he takes to the media later on. He met , actor Michael Barryte, and future Game Grumps host, Barry Kramer.

In 2003, Jontron created a Newgrounds account, named BirdmanXZ6. There, he posted 5 animations depicting anthropomorphic onions. Three years later, he created a YouTube channel of the same name. Then on August 31, 2010, he created his YouTube channel named JonTronShow, debuting with a review of the game Daikatana. On his new channel, he also hosts a channel that provides standard reviews for singular games and games of a particular theme or genre in each episode.

Additionally, he co-founded NormalBoots with Austin () Hargrave in late 2010. That’s not all, Jontron started a gaming channel called Game Grumps, a Let’s Play series on the 10th of July 2012 with animator and voice-actor, Egoraptor as a co-host. However, he left the show a year later to return to his JonTronShow. With appreciations of his efforts coming in from his audience on platforms like Reddit, Jontron incorporated comedy sketches to his standard game reviews. Besides, he also reviews major video game adaptions of franchises like Barbie and Conan the Barbarian. Later, he added installments of skits and movie reviews which saw his channel witness a boom. He reached a milestone of one million subscribers in 2014.

Having found his niche and his audience preferences, he kept on his toe to give them more than what they asked for. JonTron took his channel to a whole new level, releasing web series such as JonTron’s StarCade which review games based on the Star Wars franchise. Doing that, he collaborated with other internet personalities and actors such as  and He also collaborated with other YouTube channels including  and s channel h3h3Productions, Satchbag’s Goods and .

JonTron continued to grow in fame and expand his trade, adding voice works to his plethora of achievements. He has done a voice-over for Did You Know Gaming? and has also covered the Star Wars spin-off series on the YouTube channel, The Film Theorists. With this repertoire of resume still growing, added to his insane gaming skills and comedic commentaries and sketches, it’s not surprising that his channel is now home to all gaming and movie buffs.

Net Worth

With an increasing number of subscribers on his JonTronShow channel, the YouTuber has earned himself a lot of fame and wealth. As of 2018, his net worth was placed at $1 million. Many would easily point out that he’d be wealthier if he had not involved himself in discussing political issues in 2017.

His Girlfriend

Jon dated Nicole Rodriguez, an animator from New York. She is also known as Shnikkles and created Game Grumps Animated’s Get That Magi!. The pair broke up a long time ago and JonTron does not seem to be in a rush as he is seemingly focused on his career and growing his fan base.

What Happened To JonTron?

On January 17, 2017, JonTron was caught in a controversy web as he swerved into national politics during a live stream hosted by Sargon of Akkad. Two months later, he posted a tweet defending a quote from Steve King (Iowa representative) about the US immigration policy. His racist tweet was one thing, but his live stream debate with YouTuber Destiny exacerbated the whole issue. Despite the candidness of his opinions, it did not stop him from getting a lot of hate as many people did not agree with him.

At that time, he faced a large backlash within his fanbase and some of his over 3 million subscribers then, did not think they would watch his videos anymore. Also, he lost a lot of sponsors and on May 18, 2017, it was announced by NormalBoots that although JonTron remains a founder of the group, he would not function as an active member anymore following his comments.

He posted two (but now deleted) videos; one in response to the whole incident on a podcast with h3h3productions. Therein, he stated that he didn’t hold any racist views but declined to retract his statement. He further wished that people could talk about the issues without witch hunting each other. The second was a Q&A session wherein he mentioned that he would be going on a hiatus for a few months. However, he ended his YouTube break by uploading a sequel of his most popular video, Flex Tape II: The Flexening on December 2, 2018.


Where Is He Now?

The 5’10” tall comic game and movie reviewer is very much around. He is still in the business of making videos and does not have any plan of slowing down. JonTron hopes to increase his subscribers in the coming years and has been nursing plans to delve into other interests.

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