What Happened To Kyle Chrisley? The Truth Behind His Family Crises

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If you are a fan of reality TV shows you would know that while the Osbournes have a trademark for shining in chaos and the Kardashians are best known for their entangled relationships and spending sprees, the reality sitcom Chrisley Knows Best which has Kyle Chrisley as one of its stars focuses on parental control. It’s surely a herculean task to be on such shows as one tends not to have any form of privacy at all. Everything about you becomes a public issue which is why Kyle, commonly referred to as Todd’s troubled son, has made headlines since the inception of the sitcom in 2014. Amidst the never-ending family turmoil comes the news about Todd’s formerly estranged son Kyle Chrisley being hospitalized. What happened to him and the truth about his family wars are all you will get to know as you read further. 

Who is Kyle Chrisley?

The TV star said to be born on August 29, 1991, and raised in South Carolina, is one of Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry’s two children with his other sibling’s name being Lindsie. After his father married Julie Chrisley in 1996, Kyle now has three additional siblings namely Savannah, Chase, and Grayson.

Kyle Chrisley was known for working with the Red Cros Society before becoming a star on the popular reality TV sitcom Chrisley Knows Best. Kyle is Todd Chrisley’s eldest son, however, the father-son relationship has severely been marred by a series of family disagreements. 

Here’s What Happened to Him

Kyle has been part of the Chrisley Knows Best show from Season 1 and if you’ve been following the series, you will be aware of the young father’s struggle with addiction and how he has tried to turn a new leaf for his daughter Chole’s sake. Unfortunately, he has continued to find himself entangled in countless domestic violence allegations and drug use. Obviously, his mental health and addiction have done him more harm than good. The worst of it is his attempt to terminate his own life. Let’s get to know some of the challenges the young reality TV star is facing.

  • He’s Long History of Violence and Abuse

It’s no news to fans of Chrisley Knows Best that Kyle’s health issues have done grave damage to his home and landed him in trouble severally with the law enforcement agencies. One of the most talked-about challenges is his abusive relationship with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter (Chloe), Angela Victoria Johnson. The pair were said to have had a rosy relationship in the beginning, however, things went sour when Kyle started becoming violent towards Angela. He allegedly tried to choke or even stab her during one of their fights. The situation became very critical, hence, Angela had to fight for custody of her child which she got.

Kyle’s bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of mood swings which most often range from depressive lows to manic highs. While the exact cause of the health issue is not yet known, there are indications that his problems are mostly rooted in a combination of genetics, environment, and an altered brain.

  • Kyle Chrisley’s Struggle for a New Life

Even after losing his daughter to his ex-girlfriend, Kyle has been struggling to improve himself for the sake of his beloved daughter. He, later on, he got married to Alexus Whilbly who helped him turn a new leaf. Alexus was not only his wife but also co-founded a musical team with him which they named Lexi & Kyle Chrisley. Under this name, they released the song titled Shame on You which sources believe to be an out lash on Todd Chrisley.

However, people’s hope for a happily-ever-after for the couple was dashed when in January 2019, Alexus received death-threats from her husband. The life-threatening text was followed by a series of violence which then led to Kyle’s arrest.

  • Kyle’s Drug Trafficking Issues

Shortly after an arrest warrant was filed against him, Kyle in May 2019 was in police custody after the Police discovered a pouch of methamphetamine in his car. His arrest was booked in Okmulgee County Jail, he is being charged with felony possession of meth.

  • Why Kyle Chrisley Was Hospitalised

In August 2019, Kyle’s father, Todd made an Instagram post which showed his eldest son on a hospital bed. The picture which has Kyle surrounded by his family members including his siblings Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. We could also see Todd himself standing with his wife Julie (Kyle’s stepmother), Kyle’s grandmother Nanny Faye and two others.

Giving reasons as to why Kyle was hospitalized, a representative of the family revealed that the Georgia native was experiencing an adverse reaction to a medication. Although there were no further explanations on what medication the young star was reacting to, it is largely believed that the medication could be related to his bipolar disorder issue which he has been receiving treatment for several years.

To allay all rumors surrounding his hospitalization, Kyle Chrisley and his father took to the Chrisley Confessions podcast to disclose that Kyle had attempted taking his own life in reaction to the adverse effect of his bipolar medication.

What is Kyle Chrisley’s Relationship With His Father Like?

Kyle Chrisley’s relationship with his father Todd is one of the many issues drawing people’s attention to the family. The two are known for throwing hurtful words at each other which has impaired the father-son relationship. For instance, Kyle once blasted his father on social media describing him as a toxic snake who has destroyed his children’s life. But in response, Todd continued to prove he truly loves his dear son, adding that his affection for him has not changed but at the moment, he would rather be hard on him to bring out the best in him.

Kyle’s strained relationship with his father can be traced back to Todd’s first marriage to his mother named Teresa Terry. Terry got pregnant for Todd at the age of 19 and the news of her expecting their child prompted them to get married. Teresa eventually gave birth to a girl child named Lindsie Chrisley. Kyle was born about a year later. The marriage, however, did not last as the pair ended up parting ways after Kyle was born.

One other of the many truths behind the father-son rift was Todd’s involvement in the fight for the custody of Kyle’s daughter Chloe. Chloe Chrisley is also a regular face on Chrisley Knows Best series which created more issues between Kyle and Todd as Kyle accused his father of using his half-black daughter to increase publicity for his show. However, Todd refuted the allegation, claiming that Chloe is his grand-daughter and she has every right to be on the show. The child is said to have continued being featured on the show even after Kyle quit after season 1. We could also talk of Todd Chrisley’s claim that Kyle’s wife Alexus tried to extort their family for $20,000. Although no arrest was made, Todd accused Alexus of threatening to expose his family as being racists unless they agree to pay her off. A recent Police report also reveals Kyle was fired from participating in the reality show after he threatened to kill his father when he was under the influence of drugs.

The Chrisley Family Rift

One of the many reasons why the Chrisley know Best show is on the trending list is because it focuses on the lifestyle of the mega-rich southern family especially Todd’s relationship with his kids. The show, which had its 7th season debuting in 2019, features Chrisley; his wife, Julie; children Savannah, Chase, and Grayson; and his granddaughter Chloe. The entire family members have been up against each other for different reasons but one of the most recent issues is Todd and his wife’s indictment for tax evasion and other related crimes. Kyle and his sister Lindsie have repeatedly accused their father and his other children of evading taxes while Todd in response has also accused them of various demeaning habits, including multiple extramarital affairs for Lindsie.

Meanwhile, while family saga continues, Kyle’s recent hospitalization seemed to have brought the family members together again. The estranged son who initially spoke against his father on the tax-evasion matter recently made a statement that proves the two are working hard to mend their torn relationship. Aside from Kyle, Todd seems to have a good and cordial relationship with his other children, including his grandchildren Cloe Chrisley and Jackson Campbell.

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