What Happened to Simple Pickup and Where Is He Now? 

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Does the name Simple Pickup ring a bell? The YouTube channel was once among the top channels on the video-sharing platform, thanks to the uniqueness and creativity coming from Jason Roberts, and his friends – Kong and Jesse. Through their channel, they entertained their fans by teaching them how to win any girl on the street as well as other interesting social media experiments. Amazingly, their antics were able to entice over 2 million subscribers, albeit with mixed reviews.

While Simple Pickup’s popularity continued to increase, Jason Roberts suddenly disappeared, he stopped appearing in their videos. As a result of this, fans became curious, wanting to find out what happened to him and where he is now. In view of this, we have gathered all the interesting facts you need to know about Simple Pickup, what Jason is up to at the moment and his whereabouts.

Who Is Jason Roberts of Simple Pickup?

He is an American social media star best known for his YouTube channel, Simple Pickup through which he teaches guys how to attract any woman of their choice. Although he has come to be known as Simple Pickup, it was as Jason Roberts that the YouTube star was born on the 10th day of September 1989. His birth took place in California, United States.

Nothing much is known about his childhood. However, his parents’ names are given as Katsuyo and Bert. He grew up along with his two older siblings, a sister named Rika and a brother whose name is given as Madison.

Jason completed his basic education in California. However, the names of the institutions he attended are not known. Although he enrolled at California State University Fullerton to study Psychology, Jason dropped out of college just a semester prior to his graduation. His decision to ditch school was so that he would focus on his YouTube career.

The YouTube star started his career when he created his channel Simple Pickup while he was still a student. Thereafter, he started posting random contents on the channel along with his two friends Jesse and Kong. The channel focused on men’s lifestyle, particularly teaching young guys the tricks to attracting women. It was only a matter of time before Simple Pickup started getting massive attention, triggering a cult-like following. As a result of this, their channel garnered over 2.5 million subscribers within a short period of time.

Simple Pickup gradually became one of the most popular channels on YouTube after they launched Project GO, a community for singles males who are interested in improving their game. On the platform, they taught people how to strike a conversation with strangers, how to build self-confidence, overcome anxiety, and funny pick up lines. To gain access to their videos comes with a monthly subscription fee of $37. They also upload other contents which cut across social media strategies, vlogging, how to overcome legal issues and creating original contents.

What Happened to Simple Pickup, Where Is Jason Roberts Now?

While Simple Pickup’s popularity continued to increase, Jason and his friends received a lot of backlash from people who thought they were sexually harassing young women and encouraging viewers to do the same. As a result, a petition was sent to change.org with about 32,000 signatories requesting that their channel be taken down. In the wake of that, most of their videos were later deleted.

That’s not all, in 2015, it was discovered that Jason Roberts had mysteriously left Simple Pickup. He stopped making appearances in their videos. This left his fans curious and hell-bent on finding out his whereabouts. After a while, it was discovered that Jason had started a new channel dubbed Simple Misfits. His new channel is dedicated to random pranks.

After the channel was created in 2014, Simple Misfits, just like Simple Pickup started getting attention and massive followership. So far, it has amassed over 380 thousand loyal fans and his prank videos have witnessed over 29 million views.

In recent time, reports have it that Jason Roberts has found a new career in real estate. Although this statement is yet to be confirmed by the YouTuber, his LinkedIn profile says he now works as an Executive Assistant at Elements Real Estate. Even though he no longer appears on Simple Pickup, Jason still makes occasional appearances on Simple Misfits while focusing on his new career.

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