What is Aly Raisman’s Net Worth and Did She Retire?

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In 2009, Aly Raisman broke out with a promise of becoming a great American gymnast. A decade later, she has kept that promise with multiple Olympic medals on her shelf as well as World Championships among other things. She has also been involved in modeling. Considering the successes she has recorded as a sportsperson and as a model, Aly Raisman’s net worth has been a thing of interest to a lot of people. Find out all about it here.

What is Aly Raisman’s Net Worth and How Did She Earn It?

Aly Raisman’s net worth has been estimated at $2 million. She has come by her fortune from her career as a gymnast and model.

Her journey to gaining fame and fortune began when she was a girl of two. It was at that time that she started practicing to become a gymnast. Her mother, Lyn Raisman was herself a gymnast when she was in high school, while her father was into different sports including baseball.

She continued learning the sport and when she was 10, she changed her trainer to Brestyan’s American Gymnastics in the United States having moved from Excel Gymnastics. Her career took its first proper shape in 2009. In that year, she did not only attend the vice championships, junior division but also won an all-round bronze medal. With other notable achievements, the outing made it easy for her to get invited and perform for the US team.

Aly Raisman has gone on to take part in two Olympic competitions; the 2012 London Olympics where she captained America’s “Fierce Five” and also the 2016 Rio Olympics where she was the captain of the beloved “Final Five” She won Gold medals on both her runnings and has also won 2 gold medals at the World Championships among other medals.

Apart from gymnastics, she was also on the reality TV show, Dancing with the stars for the 16th season as a contestant. She finished in the fourth spot with choreographer and dancer .

As a model, Aly has appeared in the 2017 and 2018 issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has also done a campaign for Aerie together with her mother and sister.

Did She Retire? Here is What We Know

Aly has enjoyed a successful career but it is, thus far, not one that has been without certain challenges.

Since 2016 when she first competed, Aly Raisman has not competed. However, it is officially believed that she has not retired since she is still yet to announce it. But with the 2020 Olympics less than a year away, the suggestions are becoming even clearer that she has probably decided to take a walk away from the sports.

In a recent interview she granted in 2019, the Olympic gold medallist who has dragged the US Gymnastics to court over how it handled the case of Larry Nassar, revealed that for now, she is focused more on advocacy than in the sports and she will prefer for it to be that way.

Aly is one of the survivors of the former team doctor, who has for three decades in the US Gymnastics. Although complaints were brought against him, not much was done on the part of the body to bring him to answer to the allegations against him and also protect others.

In 2018, the US Gymnastics forced Mary Lee Tracy into resigning only three days after her appointment after it was revealed that she contacted Raisman who had before then, described the appointment of Tracy as a “profound disappointment”.

It remains to be seen whether Aly Raisman will make an announcement or a surprising return to the sport. Whatever way she decides to go, she has already rightly paid her dues to the sports and the United States.

The return of other members of the Final Five team has also generated interest as none of the other members except has been active towards Tokyo 2020, just as none has announced retirement.

That said, has made suggestions that she could return to the sports because of her age, it is also believed that Laurie Hernandez could make a return too. For , she may not return to the sport.

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