What Is Jake Paul Net Worth, What Does He Do And Why Is He Famous?

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Some people recognize what they intend to do with their lives early and go all out pursuing it. is one of those individuals who has realized where his strength lays and has strategically made a career, fame, and money out of what most people consider a hobby. He is an actor, a YouTuber, and an Internet personality. Jake Paul’s net worth has grown exponentially since he began his YouTube channel where he makes the bulk of his money. He has a total of 19.6 million subscribers and over 6 billion views on his channel.

What Does Jake Paul Do?

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States on the 17th of January 1997, Jake Paul’s career began with him posting videos on Vine around September of the year 2013. Before the application became defunct, he had gathered a total of 5.3 million followership and over two billion views. He joined YouTube in the same 2013 and began to rebuild his followership.

The internet sensation ventured into acting and landed a major role in 2015 with Disney Channels. He was cast as Dirk in the TV comedy series titled Bizaardvark. Paul was in the series for two seasons (2016 – 2018) before he got dropped for unknown reasons, however, he was unperturbed when he confirmed the news on Twitter. The social media star had said that being dropped from the show would give him the time to focus on his personal brand, adult acting roles, his YouTube channel, and several other business endeavors.

Jake has shown that he understands the teenage market and his huge followership across his social media is an indication that he does. To celebrate his 20th birthday, he launched a program called Team 10 where he houses a group of 10 young social media influencers in his Calabasas mansion where they are expected to churn out crazy, funny and creative videos.

Jake Paul’s aim was to create a creative agency and an influencer marketing management around teen entertainment. The program was launched with $1 million from investors like Horizons Alpa, Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments, Danhua Capital, Adam Zeplain and Vayner Capital. The success of Team 10 boosted Jake Paul’s net worth and his fellow financiers.

He has further exploited his popularity by selling of different merchandises on his website. He sells hoodies, t-shirts, caps, inner wears, and several accessories which has added considerably to his wealth.

Why Is He Famous?

Obviously, Jake Paul’s fame came from his success on the now-defunct Vine application. His comic talent which he expressed by pulling random pranks on people sat well with many and in a short while, his online following went over the roof.

On his YouTube channel, he regularly uploads videos of his songs, vlogs, comedy skits, scary pranks and of course videos of him dissing other YouTubers including his elder brother, who is even a bigger YouTube star. In simple terms, Jake Paul causes trouble to attract viewership.

In 2017, he was part of a group of invited guests to the White House for an event that centers on social media. Being the prankster that he is, he hid in the bathroom at the White House until 3.30 AM when he sneaked out without securities confronting him.

What Is Jake Paul’s Net Worth?

In 2017, Jake Paul made it to number seven of Forbes list as one of the top earners on YouTube with a net worth of $11. 5 million. His net worth has since increased and is estimated to be between $19 million and $20 million.

With Jake Paul’s net worth, it’s no surprise that he has an array of luxurious rides. He owns a blue Lamborghini Huracan Performante, a Tesla Model X, white Toyota Tacoma, and a customized Ford Focus RS which he flaunts on social media. He is living the good life and isn’t shy to show the world.

Asides his Calabasas mansion which sits on 15,000 square feet of land, he reportedly owns another mansion which is worth $6.9 million. He owns an array of expensive Rolex watches, cameras and is constantly decked out in designer brands!

Jake Paul started dating a fellow Youtuber Tana Mongeau in 2019. Within a short period of time, the duo got engaged and married. He reportedly bought her a brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for her 21st birthday!!!

Paul has been involved in some controversies in his life. He was sued for $2.5 million in 2017 by the company that owns his Beverly Grove, Los Angeles house after neighbors complained about the noise, loud parties, fire hazards, large crowds and several disruptions coming from his house. This happened after Jake made his address public and crowds of his fans gathered outside his house and loitered around their neighborhood.

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