Where Is Charlie Rose and What Is He Doing Now?

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There are those who have been on TV for a very long time that many cannot remember when they were not there. One of such is Charlie Rose whose career as a talk show host and journalist spanned for more than four decades until it came to an end almost abruptly following allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him in 2017. He is mostly known for his self-named show on PBS and Bloomberg LP.

Who Is Charlie Rose?

As noted, Rose was one of those people many believed would always be there on TV until he disappeared in 2017 and has since then, remained mostly away from the eyes of the public.

He was born Charles Peete Rose Jr. in 1942 to parents who were tobacco farmers – Margaret and Charles Peete Rose Sr. He was brought up in his hometown of Henderson, North Carolina which is also where he got his education from, Henderson High School, where he played basketball.

From there, he moved to Duke University where he started studying pre-med track until he developed an interest in politics. He would go on to graduate in 1964 with a degree in history. While there, he met Mary King, the woman who would later become his wife for more than a decade.

His first involvement in journalism was as a freelancer with BBC when his wife was working there. He would later work as a reporter for WPIX-TV as a weekend job in 1972. By 1974, he got what became his big break when he was hired by PBS as managing editor for Bill Moyers’ International Report.

From then on, he would continue to rise in his career and would join CBS in 1984 with which he remained for the next years before leaving to join Fox TV. With a richer resume, he was back to CBS in 2011 as the anchor of CBS This Morning alongside Gayle King and Erica Hill.

His career has seen him interview some of the biggest names in the world including , , , and Bashar al-Assad. He also interviewed others like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Farah Pahlavi, and .

Where Is Charlie Rose?

At the height of the MeToo movement that began following the many sexual abuse cases of Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose was also accused by numerous women for inappropriate sexual behavior that included being naked in the presence of the women, making lewd phone calls, and groping them. The conducts said to have started in the late 1990s, continued until 2011.

Following the accusations which he apologized for, his contracts with Bloomberg, PBS, and CBS were all terminated. Interestingly, as time progressed, more women would come out accusing him of sexually assaulting them in different ways including fondling and groping. By May 2018, up to 35 women had accused him of one sexual misconduct or the other.

Since the sexual allegations, not so much of him has been seen. He has a number of properties in the United States, although he is now said to be mostly living on Long Island as well as Manhattan.


What Is He Doing Now?

Without any doubt, the legendary talk show host has achieved a lot in his career and has a talent that cannot be disputed. However, with the many accusations against him and the claims that his talk show was nothing short of a sexual hunting ground, no network could risk having him. Because of this, he has remained unemployed since 2017.

In his personal life, he is still fighting off some of the legal cases leveled against him for his sexual misconduct. Most recently, another suit was brought against him by his former makeup artist Gina Riggi, who claimed that while working with him during his time with Bloomberg for 22 years, he preyed on her just as he did with many other women.

The status of his company, Charlie Rose, Inc. is still not very clear since no one wants to go into any business with him.

His usual days are said to be spent reading newspapers and having his regular exercise of tennis in the morning. His home in Bellport has been described as his sanctuary and he hardly leaves the place. His food and other things are said to be picked up by his housekeeper.

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