Who are Julianne Moore’s Daughter and Son, What Do They Do?

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Before talking about Julianne Moore’s daughter and son, we are so tempted to say that Moore was one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2015. One of Hollywood’s most successful actresses Julianne Moore may seem enigmatic on screen but she is just an ordinary woman, wife, and mother. The A-List actress unarguably sits on a prestigious pedestal in the industry as a result of her indelible and overly significant contributions.

How Did Julianne Moore Get Famous?

From independent films to mainstream Hollywood, the actress has done it all and has continuously inspired many whiles at it. In the real sense, she deserves it all but Moore would also like you to know that she is also a mom to kids in the days of their youth and that she is trying like every mother out there to bring up her kids properly. Starting off her career in the late 80s with appearances on TV, got her breakthrough from her monologue scene in the 1993 comedy-drama Short Cuts. Afterward, it was one lead role to another and the actress continued to gain widespread recognition.

After her first marriage hit the rocks in 1993, Julianne Moore gave all attention to her career until she met her husband Bart Freundlich in 1996. Bart was her director on The Myth of Fingerprints released n 1997. The two felt a spark between them and became friends even while on the set of the movie. Moore’s friendship with Freundlich soon grew into something serious and the two took things to another level. Starting a romantic relationship, they dated for so many years before officially tying the knot. The couple got married in August 2003. They have two kids and have been together since then.

Julianne Moore’s Daughter and Son

As earlier mentioned, the actress and her husband Freundlich have two kids – a boy and a girl – together. The couple welcomed their kids before they officially got married. Their son Caleb Freundlich was born in December 1997, and their daughter Liv was born in April 2002. Liv has a striking resemblance with her mother, slim, tall and same hair color. Caleb looks exactly like his dad, pretty tall and with a bright smile.

Liv and Caleb are very tall, even taller than their mom. A simple glance at the two will tell you that the kids got their heights traits from their dad. All in their youthful age at the moment, Julianne confesses she is doing her best together with her husband to give their kids the best kind of life. Moore admits that she was not ready to settle in her first marriage.

The actress felt the eagerness and readiness to settle and raise a family after meeting Bart and has lived this out over the years of her enviable marriage. Raising kids may have been easier for the actress when they were little but vibrant Caleb and Liv now want to act like adults and this is quite challenging for their parents.

Where are Julianne Moore’s Children Now and What are They Doing?

Caleb Freundlich

There seems to be no escaping the showbiz line for the Moores. Although they are not as prominent as their parents, the Freundlich kids have known what it feels like to be on set. Caleb’s first experience in acting was in 2005 when he played a role in the comedy-drama, Trust the Man. He has also appeared in the film Still Alice. It would have been easiest to toe the line of his actor parents, but Caleb wants to pursue a career in music instead. Young Freundlich once trained as a music intern with ‘The Tonight Show’.

In June 2018 Caleb started working with the prestigious Harbour Picture Company as a sound intern. Very focused on his aspirations, ‘s son is very active on Soundcloud where he frequently showcases his singing skills. He is also an amazing basketball player; Caleb has once worked as a camp counselor at ‘Bob McKillop’s Basketball Camp’ in North Carolina.

Liv Freundlich

Like her brother, Liv Freundlich is an actress and also starred in the film Trust the Man, directed by her father. She also appeared in the film, The Rebound which starred . She is an activist; Liv together with her mom is a part of ‘Every Town for Gun Saftey’, a gun violence protection group. In 2018, she and Julianne were named in People Magazine’s list of ‘25 Women Changing the World’. Liv seems to be more interested in filmmaking and acting than Caleb. The actress and activist joined her parents in the making of the 2019 film After the Wedding as a production assistant.

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