Who Are That YouTub3 Family Members and What Are Their Ages?

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There are several families who have come together to form family channels on different social media platforms. The popular Williams family is one of such folks as they joined forces to create the famous YouTube channel known as That YouTub3 Family which comprises of the parents – Katie and David and their children – Audrey and Jordan who are the girls, and Jake and Ty – the boys in the family.

Their channel, That YouTub3 Family, is basically a PG family channel on YouTube which creates very hilarious videos that will appeal to the sense of humor in the younger generation, especially teenagers but other family members are not excluded from the list.

That YouTub3 Family – Members

1. JustJordan33

She is the second child of That YouTub3Family and her given name is Jordan Williams. She came into existence on the 1st of May 2002 in Florida US under the horoscope sign of Taurus. Jordan is of American nationality as indicated by her country of birth and her ethnicity is white.

In addition to her family channel, Jordan operates her own private YouTube channel popularly known as JustJordan33 which is famous for publishing several challenges videos, one of her videos titled Operation Slime Challenge! went viral on the internet and garnered massive views as soon as it was dropped. Also, before she achieved fame via That YouTub3 Family, she introduced herself in her debut video titled Get to KnowMe! when her YouTube channel was launched in 2014.

2. AllAroundAudrey

She was born as Audrey Williams in Florida USA on the 15th of October 1999 under the zodiac sign of Libra. She is of American nationality and white ethnicity and belongs to That YouTub3 Family as the oldest child of Katie and David.

Apart from the That YouTub3 Family channel, Audrey has her own personal channel known as AllAroundAudrey where she posts her beauty videos, reviews, challenges and many more. So far, she has garnered more than 1.6 million subscribers. Audrey’s channel came to life in May 2014 and her debut video titled First Video: Q&A and Get to Know Me! was uploaded in July the same year. Furthermore, she is known to have recorded 500,000 views from her Worst Present Ever Challenge! in barely one month and that is an indication of the level of success that she has attained.

On her personal life, the oldest child of That YouTub3 Family loves dancing and ice skating. She is a fashionista with
an admirable sense of dressing and a fashion style that has been described as innovative.

4. Jake and TY

Jake and Ty are the boys of That YouTub3 Family they also join the rest of their family members on the family site but they have their own channel known as Jake and Ty.

They have amassed over 350,000 subscribers on their personal channel of brothers where they showcase comedy, challenge, as well as other fun videos. Their first video to hit two million views was Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge and over time, some other videos from them have exceeded the view mark of one million like Are You Smarter than a Kindergartner and Bubble Gum Blowing Contest.

5. The Parents – David & Katie

David and Katie are the parents of the four talented kids in That YouTub3 Family and as seen from their interactions with their kids, the duo simply preach family is the priority.

Family Life

The family is a closely knit one as it is seen between the family members of That You Tub3 Family which include their parents David and Katie, the children Jordan, Audrey Jake, and Ty. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that they all have their channels individually, they make guest appearances on one another’s channel which is a way of supporting themselves.

Moreso, from their videos, one would come to the conclusion that
there is enough love, as well as affection to go round That YouTub3 Family and they often enjoy their leisure time together. It is also known that the message David and Katie intend to pass to other parents and families is to make out quality time to spend with their children – that way, they will build a very strong family bond that cannot be broken by time or happenstance.

Other Key Facts

The two older children in That YouTub3 Family, Jordan and Audrey have gone into some collaborations with other well-known YouTubers like of the Shaytards and
in 2015.

Jordan and Audrey have their personal channels individually but the two younger ones Jake and TY share a channel.

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