Who Are The 13 Reasons Why Cast, How Can You Watch It Online For Free? 

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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original Television show based on the novel by Jay Asher. The book, which is about the life of a young girl who made a series of tapes detailing her abuse and betrayal at the hands of her friends and peers was quite successful, receiving acclaim from readers and critics. It was subsequently adapted into a television show which debuted on the 31st of March, 2017. The show, like the book, also received several praises from critics and viewers. It has two seasons so far and a third one is expected in 2019.

Beside of the praise for the onscreen portrayal of social issue that is sexual assault and suicide, the show also garnered controversy from various quarters for its graphic content. The show was accused of the sensationalizing suicide. However, regardless of the divide on the show’s methods, there is no denying it has brought awareness to an important social problem.


The TV show tells the story of a young boy, Clay Jensen who receives a box set of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his deceased friend who killed herself after dealing with sexual assault and rumors in their high school. The cassette tapes, which were 13 in number, detailed each reason why she decided to end her life.

The show goes through the journey of narrating each tape through the eyes of Clay Jensen and how her death affected everyone connected to her.

Cast & Characters

13 Reasons Why is a television show with a robust story and a rich cast. The performances of the various actors and actresses have been described as a compelling and emotional portrayal of a delicate subject matter. The show stars a lot of unpopular names who deliver amazing performances in their portrayal of their characters. It is one of the show’s prominent assets and it has been widely praised. Some of these cast members and characters of 13 Reasons Why include:

Dylan Minnette

Dylan plays one of the lead character, Clay Jensen, through whom the story unfolds to the audience. Clay was a close friend of Hannah and a love interest. Dylan’s portrayal of Clay’s pain is a gritty performance that connects the viewer to the emotional stakes of the story.

Katherine Langford

Another lead character in 13 Reasons Why is played by newcomer, Katherine Langford. She plays Hannah Baker, the girl whose death led to the events of the show. While she spends most of her screen time narrating the contents of the tapes to the audience, her visual performance has been described as a terrific display of the subtleness in the expression of pain and sadness. Her brilliant performance alongside Dylan is hailed as one of the outstanding things about the TV show.

Christian Navarro

plays Clay’s gay best friend on the show, Tony Padilla. Tony was the first person to hear the tapes and was given instructions on what to do with them by Hannah. He spends the show helping Clay deal with the death of Hannah.

Alisha Boe

Alisha, plays Jessica Davis, one of the students of Liberty High, the high school Hannah Baker attended. She had a complicated relationship with Hannah while she was alive and she also made it onto the tapes. At one point, she was Hannah’s best friend but they had an eventual falling out which proved to be very impactful on Hannah’s story.

Brandon Flynn

Brandon plays Justin Foley, another student of Liberty High. Justin is in a relationship with Jessica and he comes from an abusive home. He makes it onto the tapes after spreading false rumors about Hannah.

Justin Prentice

Justin plays Bryce Walker, one of the more prominent reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. Bryce is also a student of Liberty High and the captain of the football team.

Derek Luke

One of the few established actors in the show is Derek Luke, the Captain America: First Avenger star plays Kevin Porter, a guidance counselor at Liberty High.


How You Can Watch 13 Reasons Why Online For Free

The show is a Netflix original show, so it is available on Netflix for subscribers to stream. However, if you don’t have a Netflix account, there are various streaming websites that allow you to watch some of your favorite shows for free. A good example is couchtuner.cloud. Another way to watch the show for free is to download the app, Showbox – an on-demand video application where you can stream or download any movie or TV show.

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