Who Are The Heroes Reborn Cast Members, How Can You Watch It Online?

Heroes, we all love them. Fictional and non-fictional, we tend to adore them and why shouldn’t we do so when they have a unique way of inspiring us all. Well, we focus on some heroes right now, all fictional; the heroes from the Hollywood movie Heroes Reborn.

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Who Are the Heroes Reborn Cast Members?

A couple of years back there was a new television series based purely on individuals with supernatural abilities, that series was titled, Heroes. Depending who you are and from what lenses you view the world, you might have seen the show as either a huge success, just another regular show or decide to call it a bust of a franchise. Well, that’s up to personal opinions, but after a while, the show went under and would later be replaced by what you might effectively call its spinoff series – Heroes Reborn.

The cast of the show is quite diverse when analyzed based on gender, race and even age. The commitment to diversity is something that deserves commendation no matter how you look at it. The total series cast for Heroes Reborn (2015-2016) is 210.

As the name reborn might tend to imply, the show saw the introduction of a lot of new characters. Nonetheless, a few of the old hitters also played various roles.

Jake Coleman: He portrayed Nah Bennet also known to the fans of the show as HRG, the man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses. He appeared in all thirteen episodes of the limited series.

Masi Oka: Masi played Hiro Nakamura who is probably the series most loved character. He appeared in 4 episodes doing what we all loved to see him do throughout the show, which is teleport a whole bunch of people out of danger.

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Sendhil Ramamurthy: He starred as the Geneticist Mohinder Suresh who is not necessarily cool with being a normal person. For this reason, he helped himself with some spider powers by way of his own injection creation, he appeared in only six episodes.

Greg Grunberg: You will find him in the series as the telepathic cop, Matt Parkman, his skills were on show for no less than five episodes.

Noah Gray-Cabey: Noah starred as Micah Sanders. His character was present in four episodes.

Cristine Rose: Rose was tasked with the character Angela Petrelli who possesses the ability of precognitive dreaming. She appeared in three episodes.

Jimmy Jean-Louis: Jimmy played Rene. Also known as The Haitian, Jimmy became famous for his abilities that involves wiping people’s memories and dampening the abilities of the other heroes. This character was involved in six episodes.

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As previously stated, there was a major overhaul of the cast and these are some of them.

Main Stars

Zachary Levi as Luke Collins, Robbie A. Kay as Tommy Clark/Nathan Bennet, Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet, Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo or Katana Girl, Ryan Kihlstedt as Erica Kravid, Gatlin Green as Erica Duval, Henry Zebrowski as Quentin Frady and Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins.

Guest Stars

Greta Onieogou as Aly, Rachael Ancheril as Fiona, Nesta Marlee Cooper as Dahlia and Jake Manley as Brad.

Recurring Stars

Francesca Eastwood as Molly Walker, Pruitt Taylor Vince as Caspar Abraham, Peter Mooney as Francis, Eve Harlow as Taylor Kravid, Aislinn Paul as Phoebe Frady, Carlos Lacamara as Father Mauricio, Nazneen Contractor as Farah Nazan, Dylan Bruce as Captain James Dearing, Cle Bennett as Harris, Lucius Hoyos as Jose Gutierrez, Krista Bridges as Anne Clark, Toru Uchikado as Ren Shimosawa, Richie Lawrence as Dennis Collins, Marco Grazzini as Oscar Gutierrez or El Vengador, Hiro Kanagawa as Hachiro Otomo and Michael Therriault as Richard.

So, these are some of the characters that were able to make the continuation of the original show Heroes a success. All the names cannot be listed as there are some, like the behind the scenes crew who made the work such a great success.

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How Can You Watch It Online?

Well, one of the many perks of living and being born in the 21st century is the internet. You can do almost anything and be almost anyone in a good and bad way as well.

If you are yet to watch Heroes Reborn but have a connection to the internet, please make use of the privilege of the internet dispensation and log onto  Yeah, you can watch the series there, make sure you are using a Wi-Fi connection though.

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