Who Are The Members Of Eh Bee Family, How Old Are They?

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Family, friendly and fun, these are the three core principles on which the Eh Bees as a family is built on. Despite breaking the internet with their rib-cracking skits and parodies through video-sharing platforms such as Vine, YouTube and Instagram, thus, accumulating millions of subscribers and over 2 billion streams worldwide, the EH Bee family members are simply a Canadian family with a vision set on making people laugh. Without further ado, let’s reveal the identity of those who make up this incredibly talented family, their age and a few choice facts.

Who Are The Members Of Eh Bee Family, How Old Are They?

The Eh Bees are a popular Canadian family of four that resides in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Members of the family are no other persons than father Andres Burgos, mother Rosanna Burgos and their two kids who go by the names of Robert and Gabriella Burgos. All the Eh Bee family members contribute explicitly to the success of their online channel.

Andres Burgos

Popularly known as Papa Bee, Andres Burgos is a successful Canadian YouTuber and the brain behind the Eh Bee Channel. He was born on November 25, 1977, in Chile. Well-tutored in the field of Market Research, Andres began his career working in a call center for the popular digital media agency Consumer Contact before he was eventually promoted to the position of Research Manager. An enthusiastic web marketer, Andres has launched several websites such as Ridejudge.com and Decaldriveway.com. For a brief moment, he served as president to a social media research company called Conversation, where he oversaw several top projects such as Evolisten and TweetFeel.

His foray into social media proper commenced in 2012 when he started posting videos of his family on Vine, within a short period of time, he began receiving positive views from audiences and this spurred him into taking it up as a full-time career. The success of the channel has made him a very popular and respected online personality, earning him the online moniker, Papa Bee.

Rosanna Burgos

The matriarch of the Eh Bee family, Rosanna Burgos, popularly known as Mama Bee was born on October 2, 1979, in Uruguay. Before the fame, she served as a member of the parent council at Herbert H. Carnegie Public School. Rosanna was absent from the first Eh Bee family Vine video of the kids and her husband playing in the snow but has since contributed immensely in making sure the channel maintains its uniqueness in creating family-based contents only. Despite inspiring her children to reveal their creative sides, she does not encourage them to film everyday so as to instil a certain sense of normalcy in their life. She has been involved with several charity organizations in the past such as Fionase Allergy Relief.

Robert Burgos

Robert Burgos popularly known as Mr. Monkey was born on April 30, 2005, to his parents Andres and Rosanna Burgos. As a child, he was given the pet name, monkey by his parents because he was a sweet looking boy who loved cuddling. He was just eight years of age when his dad began posting skits of his family online. Clearly a lover of good literature, his favourite book is “The Books of Elsewhere” written by Jacqueline West. During his leisure time, he is also known to be a huge fan of Minecraft.

Gabriella Burgos

Gabriella Burgos is the youngest member of the Eh Bee family. She was born on September 9, 2006, in Ontario Canada. Having first appeared on her family’s YouTube channel at the age of six, she has grown to become a charming young lady who is loved by most for her “Miss Monkey moment with Elan” through which she pours out her inner thoughts.

Net Worth Of The Eh Bee Family

Having received their first YouTube play button in 2014 for reaching 100000 subscribers, the family’s YouTube page currently boasts of having over 8 million loyal subscribers and a billion of online streams. Besides earnings from social media platforms, they earn a huge amount of money by advertising for brands like GSK, Nestle, Toyota, Nordstrom, Disney and Martel.

Nevertheless their current net worth or the worth of any individual member of the family is very much unknown by the press as the Eh Bee family members are reluctant in talking about figures, hence, proving the trueness of their goal “that the main reason for their channel was to make people smile and not to become rich and famous”.

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