Who Are The Merrell Twins, Their Age, Mom, Ethnicity, Boyfriend

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The world of Youtube content creators can be quite competitive and discouraging especially if you are intending to make a career out of it but the Merrell twins seem to have cracked the success code as Youtube vloggers. The Merrell twins are identical twin sisters, Veronica, and Vanessa who run a Youtube channel jointly with over 3.5 million subscribers and over 641 million views.

Their videos basically center on fun topics as well as showcasing their singing talents. As a result of the fame they garnered on Youtube through their amazing singing skills, they have featured in television shows like Fake It and Jane the Virgin. More interesting information about their career, family and personal life below.

The Merrell Twins – Bio, Age

The Merrell twins made up of Veronica Jo Merell and Vanessa Merell, were born in Kansas City, Missouri, on the 6th of August 1996. Veronica who is the older of the two was born through normal birth means with no complications whatsoever. Vanessa, on the other hand, proved a difficult one to be birthed normally which resulted in her mum opting for an urgent cesarean session on the advice of her doctors.

Due to this complication, Vanessa was thus born 45 minutes later than her elder sister Veronica. Moreso, it was discovered that Vanessa wasn’t breathing properly because of problems with her lungs, therefore, she was quickly placed under intensive care until she fully recovered.

The sisters have always been in love with the entertainment industry for as long as they could remember, they started learning about music right from the age of five and now they play the violin, piano, and guitar very well. In 6th grade, the Merrell twins made a scary video but never uploaded the video for fear that people would say they looked stupid in the video.

YouTube Success, Acting, Education

In 2009, with the help of their father’, they were able to create their very own YouTube channel as well as their first video titled, “What it’s Like to be a Twin”. After the video was made and uploaded, they never checked up on it for over two years. By the time the checked it again, they were amazed to find that the video had gotten more than 10000 views with over 2000 subscribers. On seeing this, the twin became highly motivated to post more videos thus uploading comedy skits as well as their music.

They soon became the creative directors of “We Heart It” and also entered into a partnership with “YouNow.” So far, their father, Paul has been the one who produces and edits their videos with contents such as; games, challenges, original songs, covers, and funny skits. Now the Merrell twins boast of having over 641 million views to their video with more than 3.5 million subscribers who love their work.

To take things further and pursue a career, the Merrel twins moved to Los Angeles with their parents at the age of 16, a move that would later prove to be good for them. As a result of their increased popularity and success on YouTube, they were offered roles in a good number of movies and television shows including; Jane the Virgin as well as the 2016 movie The Standoff. Moreso, their ambition to work extensively in Hollywood made them think about acquiring professional training and skills. Currently, Vanessa is studying as a television production major while Veronica is running a screenwriting major.


Family – Dad, Mom, Ethnicity

In terms of ethnicity, the Merrell twins are most certainly Americans who come from a small tight-knit family. Their father, Paul Merrell happens to be a video producer and musician who has been very helpful and supportive of the vlogging career of his twin daughters. Their beloved mum Wendy is also very supportive of her girls even as she works as a school secretary. The Merrel twins are the only children of their parents as they do not have any other sibling.


The Merrell twins have been quite vocal when it comes to relationships even to the point of discussing it freely on their Youtube pages. But they have not really been involved in a whole lot of relationships given their age. However, Vanessa Merrell who is the youngest of the twins was in a relationship with Aaron Van Wormer, an Instagram and YouTube star in 2016. Unfortunately, the two are no longer an item and Aaron subsequently moved on to a new relationship with Courtney Oddo in 2017.

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