Who Are The Smelly Belly TV Members? Here’s What We Know About Them

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The Smelly Belly TV is a family-friendly channel that features the Vlach family members in unscripted vlogs. Launched in January 2015, the channel has released several popular videos including Epic Time at the Park, Jayla and Aydah Get a Haircut!!!, as well as 500 Pounds of Fluffy Puffy Slime Challenge. Through their popular online videos, the Smelly Belly TV members have garnered millions of subscribers on their channel over the years.

To further grow their brand, the Smelly Belly TV members, who hail from Florida, United States, have launched their own merchandise line that includes posters, clothing and fidget spinners. Below are more facts about all the members of the popular family.

Who Are The Smelly Belly TV Members?

Members of the YouTube channel dubbed SmellyBellyTV with over 2.9 million followers are a family of five working together to promote their brand. They include Terra Vlach, Aydah Vlach, Rory Vlach, Jayla Vlach and Jesse Vlach. Together, they have created quality content on the channel, garnering more than 1.2 billion views as of May 2019.

Here’s what we know about them, starting with the matriarch.

Terra Vlach

Born November 7, 1985, Terra Vlach is known as the matriarch of the YouTube vlogging channel. She featured in her own video called Smelly Belly Mom’s Morning Routine – Why Doesn’t She Use Toothpaste?! in June of 2016.

Terra married the patriarch of the Smelly Belly TV members, Jesse, on August 2007, in Minnesota and together, they built a family of entertainers.

Jesse Vlach


He was born on March 23, 1987, in Minnesota, the United States. Jesse Vlach is the patriarch of Smelly Belly TV vlogging family. He usually works with the rest of the family except on Tuesdays when the channel has the Parent Edition Challenges, which doesn’t include the kids.

Before he became an online celebrity, Jesse played the bass and functioned as a vocalist in a band known as Into Enemy Hands. Now, he enjoys the audience of almost three million people who watch the friendly family YouTube vlog he launched with his family.

Jayla Vlach

Born on May 24, 2005, Aydah is the oldest among her two siblings, Rory and Jayla. Her parents Terra and Jesse Vlach created the family YouTube channel Smelly Belly TV when she was ten years old and since then, she has featured in several videos that have gone viral alongside her siblings. She can be found in videos like Jayla and Aydah Get a Haircut!!! | Epic Time at the Park | Family Vlog.

Aydah Vlach

On April 27, 2008, Aydah joined the Vlach family as the second of three kids. Like her elder sister, Aydah has featured on Smelly Belly TV, the family channel her parents created when she was eight years old. She has also taken part in the viral videos on the channel.

Rory Vlach

The last baby of the house, Rory was born on October 9, 2013, and has featured on the popular YouTube channel since she was a toddler. She was only a little more than a year old when her parents created the family vlog, thus, she can be seen in some of the videos as the baby of the family. Rory’s most popular videos are Baby Rory Goes To Jail, Does Rory have a Long Lost Twin?! and What’s In the Mystery Bag?!?!.

Smelly Belly TV Videos/Challenges

The YouTube family channel has released several videos since its creation, including Underwater Gymnastics Challenge Smelly Belly TV; Not My Arms Challenge Family Edition; Smelly Belly TV Christmas Music Video; Baby Bunny Surprise! Do we keep them?!; Chocolate Challenge; Pizza Challenge Super Gross Pizza, and many others

Most of these videos, like the Tin Can Challenge has been viewed up to 1,103,263 times and counting, which says a lot about how successful the friendly family shows have become over the years.

DOES JAYLA HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!, SCHOOL FIELD TRIP! and WE BREAK INTO GROUCHY GRANNY’S POOL!! are some of their most-watched recent (2019) videos.

New House

The family shared a tour of their new house on Official New House Tour!! Jayla is Back, which has gained more than 1 million views. In the video, they started the tour from the outside to the interior of the massive building, showing views of the lawn, the pet rooms, the pool area and the girls’ rooms. The video is available to be watched .

Smelly Belly TV Members Net Worth

The Smelly Belly TV overall net worth is estimated at $2.6 million. The family reportedly makes a tangible amount per day from ads on their videos and it often amounts to $550,000 per annum. Their other source of income is selling merchandise on their website.

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